A Brutal Counterattack

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Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam


"The Digester, sir?" Yang asked.

"Of course, with such power there's no wonder the Combined Army wants access to it. Can you imagine if we could capture this energy?" Lei responded.

An ambitious executive for one of Yu-Jing's largest energy contractors looking to make himself known to the State Empire, Lei was always looking for opportunities to find new energy sources. Where others saw disaster and unprecedented destruction of human life Lei saw potential. In the past humanity was able to split the atom and harness the potential for untold destruction in a controlled, slow, explosion. What was happening here seemed to Lei like a new world of power generation that humanity could not have dreamt of before.

Being no stranger to getting what he wants Lei used his connections, and money, to send a force of YJ army gone private military to Bhai to secure ground as close as possible to the digester and establish a base of operation. A mission that was very successful.

Yan Huo awaiting combat, defensive line established with remotes to scout for hostiles

Haqqislam command was not happy about the Yu-Jing landgrab on Bhai. Investigation revealed the force was dispatched by Lei, an executive at a Yu-Jing energy contractor, headquartered at Huaqiao.

Qapu Khalqi forces were dispatched, who were themselves hungry for revenge after their defeat of their comrades, towards Huaqiao. Their mission: capture the executives, secure the facilities, and conduct a search before anyone can destroy evidence.

Lei, not born yesterday, planned for retaliation. Convincing Yu-Jing authorities energy production in the area would be lucrative targets for shady Tunguskans looking to profit off of the crisis by controlling the energy market an Invincible army security detail was already dispatched and protecting the facility.

When reports of hostiles in the area started coming in they did not look like Nomads but their intentions were clear. Tai Sheng gave the orders down the communications channels: push and secure, intercept communications, and stay alive.

The Invincible Army deploys in a defensive position

The Qapu Khalqi force wastes no time, rushing into action. A Kaplan runs down the winding back alley of west side followed by Rahman Rouhani and a Korsan intent on hitting the Yu-Jing forces where their defenses were weakest. He spots a Chaīyì and opens fire, unleashing a storm of bullets. But the remote is hard to hit and in good cover. After exchanging fire the Chaīyì manages to hit him in the eyes, temporarily blinding him. He ducks for cover in a nearby building and takes up a defensive position.

Kaplan takes up defensive positions

Tai Sheng sees the opportunity for a counter attack and rushes forward with her squad of Zhanshi and a Son-Bae. Pushing her way past a Warcor who is forced to duck behind cover her target is clear: a Janissary with a missile launcher who is currently dominating the battlefield in a strong defensive position on a tall building.

She bravely charges at him but despite her best attempts he is simply too entrenched and won't be budged. She stumbles and falls but is picked up by the best combat drugs Yu-Jing can offer, delivered by one of the paramedics charging forward with her. She takes cover behind a nearby barricade, planning out her next move.

Tai Sheng falls but is quickly picked back up

The Qapu Khalqi forces now have a problem, or 5, that are too close to their comfort. With the Kaplan squad minutes away they have to try and stop the advancing Yu-Jing forces using the tools at their disposal. A Hafza sneaks forward and deploys a repeater to try and digitally scalpel out the Tai Sheng threat but Tai notices and dodges out of range.

This opens her up to long range fire from a nearby Azra'il who wastes no time. Stepping out behind the building he opens up. With the superior firepower delivered by one of the strongest gun platforms the human sphere can offer there is no contest. Tai Sheng goes down. One threat averted.

The Kaplan stands up again, vision restored, and takes aim again. He shoots at a nearby Zhanshi but fails to take the kill. But a Chaīyì does not miss and once again the Kaplan is forced to duck.

An Azra'il opens fire

It may be slow but if there's a gun platform that can outperform the Azra'il it is Yan Huo. It finally has a bead on a target and wastes no time. The Janissary must be destroyed. In an overwhelming hail of bullets the HRMC unleashes death on the Janissary. Finally, the battlefield is open for the Yu-Jing forces.

Krit starts running and his target is on the west side: the Kaplan that fired the first shot in this conflict. He finds them and begins pulling the trigger. The Kaplan goes down to the shrapnel but a Korsan manages to dodge the shotgun shells and threatens him with a stabbing if he reaches for the trigger again.

Yan Huo clears the path for Krit

Qapu Khalqi makes the decision. In order to accomplish their mission they must call for help. And help arrives swiftly.

A drop pod smashes into an east side office building and the proverbial cavalry starts pouring out. Rushing through tight office corridors and out on rooftops and the back streets they catch the Yu-Jing forces off guard. They use the surprise to their benefit and immediately a Sekban makes scrap metal out of a nearby Son-Bae posted on the same rooftop he walked out on while a Korsan rushes out onto the streets to assault a tight defensive formation of Zhanshi. The Zhanshi stand no chance and are crushed under the weight of the air around them filling with shrapnel from a chain rifle.

The reinforcements have secured the area. Mission critical personnel are immediately captured and escorted out.

Qapu Khalqi reinforcements secure the area

A Yu-Jing communicator spots the incoming drop pod and acts immediately. A nearby garrison of Koreans are called upon and they answer. The Daebak force arrives on the scene shortly after the east side has been lost. The tires of their armored van screeches in pain as they take a corner on the west side. The nearby Korsan and Rahman Rouhani don't have time to register what's happening before a Hwarang slams open the doors of the van and charges at them. Together with Krit they get the upper hand on the Korsan and make sure he's out of combat. Krit wastes no time in pulling up his shotgun again and charges at the nearby Ghulam, who is preventing the remaining Daebak forces from advancing. He shoots but in his reckless charge he misses and goes unconscious from a well placed shot from the nearby Rahman Rouhani.

The Rui Shi, hitching a ride on top of the van, steps in and succeeds where Krit failed. The Ghulam goes down and the Dokkaebi Sulyong team charges forward. Hoping to secure the escape route before the remaining civilians can be transported and intercepting Qapu Khalqi communications to understand where the civilians who were already kidnapped were taken.

Daebak reinforcements deploy in a last ditch attempt to stop the kidnappings

But it was not enough. The civilians are gone. Lei has been captured and there are currently no leads on where he's going.

Not only did we play resilience ops for this we also played reinforcements! I had an amazing time playing this combination of hidden mission goals and desperate reinforcement drops. I think CB did an incredible job on the resilience ops gamemode and I'm very excited to play it again.

Resilience ops!

"The evidence is clear. Not only did you use Yu-Jing government funds, meant for infrastructure development, to hire private security forces. You also sent them to secure ground in a zone on a planet where the largest humanitarian crisis in memory is currently going on." Haiqa Waheed, judge on the Haqqislam Nation vs Lei Xing case, said in the court room.

"You acted in a morally reprehensible way and committed crimes not just against the Haqqislam nation but against all of humanity. You are guilty as charged." Haiqa continued.

A punishment had yet to be decided on.

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