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VS PanOceania
Turd Ferguson

Montalban is normally a vacation paradise filled with sun, tropical breeze, and relaxation. But deep below the tranquil ocean resides a underwater research facility that obtains important information resulting from hazardous experiments. The Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin has been tasked with protecing this information, especially their experiements with their bio modified octupuses.

Research Facility Omega

The Battlefield

As we enderted the research facility we realized that this would be no easy task. Positioned in front of us were four of PanO's elite Tag units. Normally we do not come accross this sort of fighting force but luckily we were prepared. We managed to bring our own group of Stigmaton's ready to lock down the PanO threat. All we had to do was hold the center room until the Biotecvore did its worst.

Our unit knew we wouldn't have much time so we made a quick dash to the panic room to secure it before the enemy could. We were succesful but knew the battle was far from over. It was only a matter of time before the enemy Tags started picking us apart. The battle was bloody early, trading blows, but we were able to possess the Squalo and turn him agains his own. The Jotum made quick work of our new ally.

As the battle raged on our forces were locked down in their positon and we started losing troops to the Biotechvore. Slowly our army was dwindling down and we couldn't do anything to stop it. The PanO Tags took full advantage and moved in quickly to overtake what forces we had left. In the end the Tags were too much for us and we were unable to hold the panic room. We may have lost this fight, but the war is far from over!

Overall this was a fun game. I felt like I had enough hacking to deal with the Tags but my remotes were out of position to help and I should have gotten Wolfgang to the panic room sooner. Lessons learned for sure!

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Turd Ferguson