Pass the Bear Spray!

VS Ariadna

Thundering Foot Steps

The Heavy Kosmoflot detachment positions for its assault on Bhai, as the Hassassin defenders rush to protect the campus.

Despite Haqqislam's continued efforts to further peace and diplomacy in the Human Sphere, the Ariadnan nation continues to antagonize our settlements and presume on our good graces. But in a rare example of flagrant aggression, a heavy force of the Ariadnan space force bore down upon the besieged Bhai Terraforming Campus with only destruction on their agenda. As our sensors alerted the Bhai command to the seismic activity rapidly approaching the campus, our analysts were able to discern the telltale, meaty thwomp of incoming Araidna Aberations. Based on the tremors, it was determined that at least one of the monstrous Bearpodes was on the way. But a different, metallic report indicated that a much more potent and rare adversary was also approaching: a rare Ariadnan TAG, the Chernobog!

A previously-on-R&R force of the Hassassin Bahram was mustered at the last moment to face the attack. As per usual a force of Daylami and Muttawi'ah formed the Vanguard around a hastily positioned Fiday and a pair of Farzan instructors drawn from the campus faculty. They were backed up by a veteran Muyib team accompanied by the famous Leila Shariff, as well as an Asawira and his retinue. We barely deployed in time; the Ariadna assault was unrelenting until the dust settled.

Extremely suspicious, the Ariadnans questioned "Bob, from accounting" repeatedly; however, our Fiday had paid attention to his undercover briefing and was not phased by even the most in depth questions on the financial sciences.
An Irmandino attempted to break our lines, but was stopped in his tracks by a quick burst from our Muttawi'ah's jammer.

Unrelenting Fire

Knowing well the danger of Bearpods, our force focused on deterrence, with viral mines in place and several shooters targeting the beast. This was our folly though, as it allowed the Chernobog to engage and eliminate our troopers one by one. Several Daylami fell to its HMG, followed by two Muyibs with their terrifying heavy rocket launchers; no so terrifying today, as the Chernobog took only a single wound through all the carnage. However, the Daylami and Muyibs delayed the assault of the fearsome TAG, allowing our forces to strike back.

On the right flank, the remaining members of the Muyib team charged forward under cover of smoke, approaching the Kosmoflot command team. Reaching their assault position, we received an intelligence update that the bastardised Aleph recreation of William Wallace was leading the force. The Muyibs attacked!

The Chernobog and Volkolah heavy infantry made quick work of the Daylami and Muyibs.
But the Muyib team reached Wallace, unable to engage him but devastating his team; Shotgun rounds and viral mines tore through and eliminated a Patcher and Varrangian Guard.

Last Ditch Failure

With their commander threatened, the Ariadnan force threw everything it had at our Lieutenant; in this case an Asawira wielding a beefy AP spitfire. The Chernobog charged in from the left flank, avoiding the Muttawi'ah and his jammer and all other troopers with the hope of decapitating our force. When the dust settled, the Chernobog was a pile of scrap, our Lieutenant remained, and the Ariadnan force was leaving the field.

We still do not know why such an aggressive and unwarranted attack against the Bhai campus was undertaken, but we hope the surviving members of Kosmoflot that return to their masters will tell them that attacks on any Haqqislam holding will leave Ariadna with only blood and ashes.

An end run through our deployment zone was ended when the Chernobog's target, the Asawira, put it down with two well placed AP spitfire shots.

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