O 12 vs Ariadna

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VS O-12
Captain W.English

(Bit of a short write up; I’m exhausted from a long day. Super fun and intense match though!)

My Ariadnan force came across a scouting party of O12 as they tried to set up an AC2, and we definitely weren’t having that.

Turn 1, Uxia attempted to dcharge the antenna but failed to deal more than one wound. In response, a Bearpode sprinted across the field and got into combat with the O12 commander’s TAG, failing to kill it but successfully tying it up. A Cameronian followed behind and claimed a Panopoly (grabbing dcharges), positioning itself on top of a terrain piece to respond to anything O12 did.

The O12 commander then successfully drove off the Bearpode after several spent orders, but most importantly, they failed a FtF roll against my Cameronian and allowed it to smoke itself to hide. They then attempted to bring down a Combat Jump unit, but the roll failed. The O12 player then steered a REM into position to claim a dcharge from a Panopoly and attempt to destroy the AC2. This only did light damage to it, but three mines and an AP Spitfire finished off the REM.

Turn 2, I marched my TAG up and laid down fire. My Dynamo then zoomed up and covered the Cameronian and AC2 in smoke, allowing it to Dcharge the Antenna (destroying it completely) and take out a few units.

After losing many units, the O12 player steered his TAG into my table half, claiming a dcharge and slapping it onto the AC2. It took a few shots from the UKR but failed to kill it or be killed, so he put it into a defensive position.

Turn 3, I used my SAS to slap a dcharge on the TAG, then I claimed the Panopolies twice. The game ended in retreat after that.

Very well played from the O12 commander! It was very back and forth in terms of rolls until about halfway through turn 2, but it was an absolute blast all the same.

Here's a top down view of the terrain! Very fun setup, and I enjopyed getting it ready. The middle alleys are deceptively cover-filled; the bridges block view of the LOS-blocking pieces.
Here's a side view after my deployment. The purple unit is a Mulebot, on loan and in use as a Traktor Mul. (ie, I'm a former PanO main and like the Mulebot vibe lol)
The Bearpode furiously approached the Zeta, and the Cameronian is shown here in prime position. He fired a template and survived thanks to the units choosing to dodge.
The failed Combat Jump in all its glory. It ended up putting in work as a roadblock against the Cherno, but still unfortunate all the same.
The world's bravest REM in all its glory. The three mines here (camo marker 3 is also a mine) plus the Dynamo erased it from existence after it planted a dcharge. Luckily only minor structural damage to the AC2!
The Cameronian, after getting smoke from a Dynamo and destroying the antenna, went on a template rampage against these units. It eventually went down, but it more than earned its points.
After stomping around, I left the Cherno in Suppressive fire here to be a major thorn in O12's side. It worked!
The Zeta looted the Panopoly here (we used dice to mark the number of times looted per player) then destroyed my ac2.
The UKR survived the Zeta, and after an SAS (post Panopoly claim of its own, where it got +1 arm iirc) shoved a dcharge into the rear exhaust port of the Zeta, the UKR claimed a Panopoly.
My Strelok claimed the final panopoly, and the game ended in retreat from here.

Well played from the O12 player, despite the points loss difference! It was very back and forth for a large amount of the match.

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