PanOceania vs Ariadna

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VS PanOceania

Here’s a bit of a very short write up; W.English already did an excellent job with his. I’m just submitting this so that the record appears on my profile, plus adding some pics. Go read his fantastic story for the game! It was an intense match that ended in a close draw.

W.English VS NeoTermina 1696544304

Post Deployment on my end.
The UKR got deleted by a Bolt here after only two orders spent. RIP
The Spetsnaz also failed to score any kills here lol. Luck was not on my side!
I mistakenly put Uxia way too far way due to being greedy and wanting to smoke the area first. The Aquila murdered her very quickly after this instead.
I wasn't able to get to the AC2 in a single order. RIP
I did at least mine the hell out of my AC2's area.
On his turn, this is where the Aquila ended up after murder spree. It was a slaughter.
But then on my turn, the Aquila met Mrs. Portable Autocannon and died immediately.
The Bearpode stormed up the field, smacked the AC2 once, and got a delicious template off. It survived the clapback and was a pain to remove for W.English's next turn. (It's standing on a camo marker to show height for the climb)
After one final shootout where my Tankhunter died, W.English was able to plant dcharges on his designated classified targets and make the game a draw.

Very fun game! I admittedly was a bit salty at the start after so many bad rolls, but I'm proud that I was able to get it to a draw.

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