Montalban Morat Menace

VS Combined Army

Knight of Justice Anslem was never convinced about the Combined Army truce and was not really surprised when a Morat force tried to seize the Montalban Research facilities. He joined an Order Sergeant Team and called in Joan’s Crusade Fireteam to eliminate the threat. A courageous Order Sergeant armed with Heavy Rocket Launcher stood guard to oppose the incoming aliens, taking down a Krakot Renegade before killing two of the Morat Vanguard team and leaving their Suryat team leader unconscious. Sadly, he died in a hail of HMG bullets, but he had badly dented the Morat attack. The Hospitaller HMG knocked out a second Krakot, but the third Krakot managed to get into the Panic Room. Dr Worm used an experimental drug to heal the Suryat and his drone revived the injured Krakot. The enemy regrouped and formed a new fireteam which advanced into the Panic Room.

Anselm now advanced with the remaining Order Sergeant and killed the Krakot that was defending the Panic Room. The Hospitaller HM Gunner moved forward knocked out the Morat HMG and the Suryat, breaking up the team. Firing from cover, he exchanged several rounds of fire with a Morat Missile Launcher, but the Morat’s armour saved him and as time was slipping away, the Hospitaller boldly strode towards the Panic Room across the open ground. This time the Morat went down, and the Crusade team moved onwards. Joan led the team into the Panic Room, but some unbelievable shooting by the surviving Morats penetrated her armour and only her willpower kept her on her feet. The Mulebot managed to make it to the nearest Biotechvore Antenna, but the Black Friar was over come when he was engulfed by the Biotechvore,

The Morats now tried to bring more support up, but Anselm killed the last remaining Krakot and one of the Morat Hackers. The second Morat Hacker got to the side of the Panic Room and tried to isolate Joan. When that didn’t work, he foolishly decided to advance and shoot her, dying in the process. Surprisingly, seeing his last chance fail, the Morat Lieutenant surrendered. Some very strange things are going on in Montalban!

The Morats prepare to advance
The Order Sergeant contests the advance with his Heavy Rocket Launcher.
The first Krakot is wounded by HMG fire
After the Order Sergeant kills the second Krakot, the third Krakot makes it into Panic room.
The Order Sergeant faces the Morat Core Team
The Rocket attack kills two Morats, knocks out the Suryat and breaks the team, but the Order Sergeant falls
The Morats heal, regroup and advance into the Panic Room.
The Crusade Fireteam move up and exchange fire
The Morat team is broken again as the Hospitallers knock out the leader and the HMG.
Anselm kills the Krakot guarding the Panic Room doorway.
The Hospitaller Machine Gunner advances knocking out the enemy Missile Launcher.
Joan is wounded leading the team into the Panic Room.
Anselm kills the last Krakot and one of the Morat Hackers
The second Morat Hacker attempts and fails to isolate Joan.
The Morats surrender!!

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