Beltway Biometrics: What they won't tell you

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Combined Army
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Unsurprisingly, the armistice between the Combined Army and the nations of the O-12 existed in name only. As part of the overall push to reinforce their holdings on Concillium Prime, the military might of the Combined Army had deployed multiple covert and overt strike groups throughout the region. Whilst Nexus agents and representatives of the Exrah interacted with the Edda CivPop as part of a “hearts and minds” operation, strike teams engaged with O-12 enforcement cadres throughout the city.

A small research post on the edge of Beltway 594 found itself under attack by a contingent of the Onyx Contact Force. A contingent of Unidrons and Drone remotes, under the guidance of two Nexus Operators, had patrolled the edge of the highway as a show of force whilst our Shasvastii forces infiltrated the outpost. Recent intel had the facility developing new biometric monitoring systems to counter our Speculo agents. The research was woefully backwards – to turn a human phrase, they were “chasing the wrong rabbit”. Nevertheless, the EI in its eternal wisdom felt that a military strike on the station would prevent the humans from truly appreciating how superior our abilities were.
M-Drone observation of the location revealed an entrenched O-12 garrison with Team Gladius drop-ships patrolling the Zone of Engagement. A Grief Operator, entrenched in the post as a no-named support technician, flagged the deployment of a Zeta Unit the day prior to our intended engagement. It was too late for a redeployment of Xeodrons to support the OCF contingent and the Nexus operatives were informed that they would have to make do with Exrah support if required.
The unexpected arrival of Ka’il Nourkias into the red zone was both unexpected but highly appreciated.

Under observation of the Nexus Operatives Kerr-Nau and Yanix, a fireteam of Unidrons took centre point in the ZOE. A plasma sniper provided overwatch whilst Nourkias and the hacker team Bit and Kiss took both flanks. Our deployment from Beltway 594 towards the research post was slowed by terrain and the presence of civilians. By the time they had taken position, the O-12 had launched a pre-emptive attack. A Beast Hunter fired an optimistic panzerfaust at the Unidron fireteam to little success. An unimpressive trade of fire kept the mercenary troop pinned but allowed the Zeta Unit to emerge from behind cover. Its HRMC destroyed a handful of remote troopers, including the ancillary Kiss unit, before it withdrew back behind the research station.
A Roadbot took advantage of the firefight to push forwards to pressure the right flank. Unfortunately, it came face-to-face with Ka’il Nourkias and learned just how dangerous the Umbra Samaritan could be. Leaving the remote’s mangled remains behind, Nourkias advanced under cover of an O-12 bulk lifter. VoodooTech hacking left a Gangbuster unconscious beneath a turbojet engine before he gunned down the Beast Hunter as she ran out from cover to engage.

On the other side of the ZOE, a repeater network was launched around the research station. Bit took cover behind a roadblock, forgetting that she was far more exposed and in the open compared to where she’d previously stood. An Ikadron trundled a short distance behind her, committed to securing the ground behind her.

The Zeta attempted to push forwards again, gunning down Bit in her moment of carelessness. However, Nourkias was already upon it, seizing control of the TAG from behind cover. The Zeta proceeded to return to the O-12 lines, opening fire with its HRMC into their own lines. It successfully disrupted the O-12 rearguard, allowing Nourkias the opportunity to advance further into their lines.
It was at this point where a section of Team Gladius entered the fray. Taking advantage of our over-stretched flank, a small Fireteam of engineers and paramedics dropped into the ZOE. Nourkias was forced to disengage from the battle after a TR-remote opened fire on his position, whilst a Ment agent disrupted the Unidron link team. Free from VoodooTech control, the Zeta rampaged into our own lines, destroying several Unidrons before trading a series of unsuccessful shots with the Vulkan shotgun of Nexus Yorix.

An Exrah strike team counter-deployed Team Gladius, arriving under the guidance of Ko Dali. A Q-Drone destroyed the Zeta Unit from behind whilst the Exrah fireteam mopped up the surviving O-12 around the bulk lifter.

The Grief Operator observed the O-12 survivors withdraw following a unanimous ceasefire. Barely half a dozen soldiers were left. They and the scientists of the research outpost were escorted from the ZOE towards the border of the orange zone by the Exrah operators. The Grief Operator, having maintained his cover throughout the engagement, retrieved a full copy of the station’s research data and destroyed the facility.

Once again, the Combined Army has demonstrated its superiority to the denizens of the Human Sphere. Although we were forced to bring arms to action, we succeeded in our objective without civilian casualty. Could the same be said for the other factions on Concillium?

- Extract from the debrief of EXO K’zing’ta following Operation Shatterground

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