PanOceania's Force Genocide Poor Ariadnans Workers in Cold Blood

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VS PanOceania

Disclaimer: This report is written by a fully drunk reporter after night at local Caledonian pub and therefore details might not be fully accurate but you all get the ideas.

It was a bloody day.
It started from a simple protest. Workers wanted a living wage and 2 days weekend like normal human being, but the crops won’t give it to them.
The brave Ariadnan workers take the matter into there own hand and planned a riot to take their fate into their own hand soon after the Corps called in their lap dog, the varuna immediate reaction division.
That’s when a Caledonian looking man who is totally not William Wallace (since Ariadna army was’t involve), and another Caledonian lady who is also not Uxia McNeil offers them help.

The plan was quit and easy, the totally not McNeil was to infiltrate and disable the defense and the rioters (who are totally not Ariadna soldiers) would overwhelm the defending force.

The battle started, the blue and white face caledonian yelled, “Freeeeedoooom” and everyone charged. The Kamau take up their defensive position. It turns out that the totally not McNeil is really totally not McNeil that she failed to infiltrate the defense, leaving every one charging a wall of guns. The brave Josh, who is just a fisherman and not a Galwegian charge with his fishing pole and was gunned down in cold blood by the Kamau. He tried to smoke it up and failed. The dogface worker who is totally not a Cameronians also transform into his dogwarrior form and charge into his doom. Another dog warrior with a better gear who’s totally not McMurrough also charged in but also not much luck for him.

Couple of works who’s cosplaying as Mormaer and Grey are able to hold the line and snipe couple of Kamau off their defensive positions and set up their own defensive suppressive fire line of their own was able to hold off a big knight looking dude (Montessa I think) on a bike. However, they paid with their own blood.

The new morning came, and helps promised by the blue/white face Caledonian dude arrived. A lady and her big dog warrior friend (who is totally not Mirage-5 team) was able to rain grenade on the PanO force while the big dog warrior charge and overwhelm the defense. Thing were looking well, until the PanO reinforcement arrived.

“It’s a F$@#ing TAG” every one yell as a giant robot dropped down and everything is history. The robot started killing everything and even do a random grenade launcher fires that hit the Blue/White face Caledonian man and he retreat into the shadow leaving the left over worker without leadership.

The PanO then proceeded to genocide every Ariadnan within the area. The reporter was able to survive because he was too drunk so they thought he was dead.
It’s a bad day for freedom and we’ll get our justice for this WarCrime one day.

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  • PolarisBearInTraining says:

    Unfortunately. due to the situation at the processing plant. all the cameras were destroyed by PanO military to stop the truth from spreading (I forgot to take the photo, but will do next time). You can checked the linked battle report for the PanO propaganda takes on the situation XD

  • Epistaxis says:

    I’d love to see some pictures of the engagement, Commander, will they be added later?

  • uberbranchez says:

    And this is why they need to leave Okolnir and cede it to us Ariadnans. We dont use genocide to handle a worker protest while our Human Sphere organizers snuggle up to the alien force that we have been fighting against for how long now?