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VS PanOceania

Our local S.A.S agents were hanging out at the local Fish & Chips shop near the Maritime Traffic Control Center and overheard a few keys info that the Varuna Immediate Reaction Division are looking to setup a strict check points to prevent our Irmandinhos from doing their “lawful” rescues mission work in the area. This is unacceptable and must be stopped at all cost. The ocean should be free, and we will make sure it stays that way. A fireteam from Kosmoflot is dispatched to deal with the situation since the Varuna are not to be underestimated.

The Varunan set up their defensive line, expecting the force the deployed Kosmoflot team into a trap. However, the Fish & Chips shop info prove useful and allow the Kosmoflot agents to lure the Varunan into their own defensive position (Kosmoflot won the WIP roll, and choose deploy order, instead of the usual 1st turn, forcing the Varuna to pick 1st turn). The Volkolak with a HMG, and his buddy the vulcan shotgun Patcher, and 3 Rokots setup a defensive fireline watching the console objective. The Patcher is super happy that he have all the Akrylat-Kanone bullets that he will ever need in the area. The Irmandinho found a DA CC weapon in the box, and is eager to loot the console deploy on the right flank with the Scots Guard who’s in camo. The S.A.S agent, infiltrate next to the console just as planned. Not everything goes well since, Uxia McNeil who suppose to infiltrate enemy force and neutralize those deadly Sniper Kamau, received a wrong info and never show up on the field (I forgot to deploy her). The enemy deployed a Fusiliers fireteam with the veteran Sniper Kamau leading the team. An angry looking Knight on a bike is also spotted along with a bunch of Camos, which are expected to be those nasty fish people, Helots according to the info.

The Volkolax and the Patcher stand proud shoulder to shoulder expecting the draw enemy fire. However, the Varunan are too smart to run into our gunline. Instead they were taking their own defensive position within our proximity. Everything was silent, until a sound is heard in the Wave, and A lone Orc Trooper, Patsy Garnett came with the wave behind the Kosmoflot line. She immediately try to shoot down our Mekhanik who is securing the backline with EM mines. Luckily the Mekhanik dodge all her shot and got in cover to prepare for further fire. Even when he did his best the Mekhanik is no match for the PanO aimbot cheat and he fell. Things aren’t looking well as the Kosmoflot fireteam is fully exposed in the rear, and Patsy choose to push her luck and push on. Pasty was able to dispose a Rokot, who could have been the Kosmoflot lieutenant, but fortunately, the real lieutenant is hidden up the stair. The helots also moved up to threaten the fireteam with light rocket launcher pinning down both the Volkolax and the Patcher unable to act with out facing both the rocket launcher and kamau fire.

The majority of the Kosmoflot firepower is pinned down unable to act. It is now that Pavel whos mission is to parachute in to destroy the server, instead choose to act. He intervene behind the first helots to try to take it down expecting the other helots to be just decoys. However, instead of decoys, the fish people start shooting their guns at him taking him down. He of course got away, but now the Kosmoflot are with out their key player to their plan. This leave no choice but the S.A.S to act. Knowing her mission that she should activate the console, but instead choose to walk up to the Helot and grill the fish with her light shot gun to free the Volkolak from the rocket launcher leaving him available to engage the Kamau. The Rokot who is in Camo also dodge out of camo and form a new core fireteam providing the needed accuracy to the Volkolax to engage the Kamau and blow him off with his HMG. The patcher also walk over to deal with Patsy with his Vulcan Shotgun. Unfortunately, it failed to wound her and she hide behind the wall. S.A.S agent also successfully activate the console, discovering that the rogue AI is on the left server.

Patsy then, start walking around the corner killing more Rokots, but fortunately not the lieutenant and she then try to engage the patcher again. Luckily, she missed all her shot while the Patcher got both shots in killing her right of the bat. On the other side, a lot of bullets are thrown at the Volkolax know tank almost all while dodging them. The last bullet finally got him and he died knowing that he did his job.

Reinforcement dropped for the Kosmoflot, Brigadier Bruant lead his fireteam from the drop pod aiming on killing all the leftover fish, and smashing the server with his D-Charge. The apache who is supposed to be with the fireteam got excited and parachute on top to a tower, where the uber hacker crocman is hidden. He super jump in and punch the Crocman in the face, but got shot by a thousand bullets in return. Brigadier Bruant and his fireteam engage in couple of firefight against a brunch of fish people. He manage to dispose to 1, but eat a bullet by another one of those fish thing. The Biscard who’s next in command manage to dispose the leftover fish clearing the path to the server. It is here where the Scot guard in camo, run across the field to the server. The punch the server with his D-Charge, destroying the server in one goes. He has now completed the mission.

The PanO reinforcement arrived, with a bunch of neo terrain Bolt and a Bot that looks like it have a Splitfire thingy, along with Shona herself. The reinforcement quickly neutralize the remaining Kosmoflot force. Shona killing the Biscard and the 112, with her explosive sword. The PanO also activate the console, knowing that our AI is on the right side. The Knight looking to destroy the server run his bike into the Rokots guarding the area and quickly took down the Patcher and the neutralize leaving a single Rokot who bravely dodge into the Knight annoying him from destroying the server. The bots and the bolt quickly move in to destroy the server. Someone stuck a D-Charge at the server, however, it failed to blowup the server failing the objective.

If was a victory for Dawn. However, it was paid by blood. Kosmoflot fireteam sent was almost wiped out, but they will be remembered. For Dawn!

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