Overstepping in Edda

Combined Army
Raktorak Faith aka FaithWasHad
VS PanOceania

Overstepping in Edda

As the Combined Army were transporting reinforcements to an active Quantum Anomaly Zone a group of Svalarheima's Winter Force intercepted the transport. Unfounded claims were made that the reinforcements were overstepping the area of quarantine and worried queries into the competence of PanOceanian mapping technology did not ease the tension. As the diplomacy quickly started eroding the Svalarheima forces confidently threatened with Annihilation of the Combined Army reinforcements. Raktorak Faith was not too worried about the failed diplomacy, a more direct solution to diplomacy was even preferred. Suddenly the phrase “Nil nos tremefacit” was blasted over the nearby comms as a Svalarheima Jotum was deployed near the transport.

“Ok, this might be a problem” - Faith mumbled as the Jotum was promptly followed by an elite group of Svalarheima soldiers.

Faith started deploying the Pretas and Taighas in a close-range perimeter while the defensive remotes were positioned to delay any longer-range threats between the terrain ahead. The accompanying engineer quickly went into camo and assumed covered position together with its peripheral drone, ready to repair any damages to the transport. Imetrons were rapidly deployed in well-covered positions to establish an uplink to the Hegemonic High-Command and two quick requests were beamed out.

“Requesting reinforcements to suppress unwarranted human aggression and to utilize the transport subject for this encounter” - Raktorak Faith communicated over the newly established uplink.

No verbal answer was given.

After a brief delay a nearby human replied, a human shipment inspector just in front of the Svalarheima forces gave a quick confirmation before focusing on the task at hand. That was Eva from Economy, ready to scalpel out the very backbone of the Svalarheima forces. An instant later the transport container opened, and an Avatar walked out into cover. The very Aspect of the Evolved Intelligence was present and ready for Faith to command. This was just what was needed, and something the enemy would not expect. With that, the Combined Army forces obliged the offense from PanOceania and initiated combat.

The Svalarheima forces had deployed a Nisse sniper just in a fire line with the Jotum, making it impossible to hit abuse the innate weakness of the giant armored TAG, a lack of counter to obscured vision. However, the Svalarheima forces did however not understand why Eve from Economy threw a smoke grenade at the Nisse, perhaps she knew of the multispectral visors and wanted to assist it. For a second, she bleeped as an enemy on the Nisse’s sensors but quickly went back to registering as an allied civilian. It was now, in the cover of smoke that Eve’s true identity was revealed, hidden from sight of other units. The Speculo Killer emerged face to face with the Nisse that on instinct prepared for close combat. Unfortunately, it was no match for the alien monofilament blade, and the superior martial arts.

"Eve" taking down the Nisse under the cover of smoke as the Rasyat called "Dynal" lands behind the Jotum

The Avatar advanced forward into more aggressive cover to better assess the situation and was fired upon by a Sierra Dronbot. The Sierra Dronbot was quickly dispatched to offline without being able to land any shots against the VooDoo-Tech mimetic effects surrounding the Avatar.

Avatar taking down the Sierra Dronbot, actually allowing a Rasyat to descend from the skies in assistance

As the 360°-vision defensive remote went down a friendly face arrived from behind the enemy lines, perfectly a couple of feet away from the Jotum while still out of sight. Warning blared for the Jotum pilot, but it did not manage to turn in time to face this new threat, the Rasyat Diplomatic Delegate had arrived. As quickly as it arrived it dodge and weaved into close combat with Jotum, quickly setting of a D-Charge while avoiding smashed by the giant shield. Even with a critical hit the Jotum only took minor damage.

“Called for assistance?” - The Rasyat announced.

“Dynal, you son of Gurlanak am I glad to see you!” - Faith responded.

Seeing the distracted opponent “Eve” rushed into combat, enjoying the flurry of coordinated attacks against the lumbering giant. The monofilament blade sliced through the massive armor without resistance and felled the giant in one fell swoop. Dynal and Eve rushed into cover as the PanOceanian realized what was happening. A final set of orders put the Avatar into suppressive fire and charged all Pretas and Taighas into the mid-field.

"Eve" and Dynal taking cover
The Avatar engaging Suppressive Fire mode

The Svalarheima forces were enraged by what had happened to their unshakable giant and swore revenge on the units that dare attack them from behind. The Machinist brought back the Sierra Dronbot in one swift maneuver while the fireteam rallied and charged towards the Combined Army reinforcements. Dynal was about to throw down Eclipse Smoke to cover himself and “Eve” as an Orc troop unleashed a barrage of bullets upon him. Dynal managed to evade all but one of the shots while failing to his attempt to provide cover. Fortunately, the single hit ricochet of the armor and off into the distance. The Orc had correctly estimated that the Avatar would be out of effective range as it was laying down suppressive fire, it had however not expected the Avatar to estimate the distance correctly and switch to precision fire. A single massive anti-materiel round hit the Orc with high precision. While the armor shrugged of most of the damage, it was not enough, and the Orc fell unconscious. Seeing the Avatar leaves suppressive protocols a Nisse sniper rushed into cover on a roof, ready to blast it with armor piercing rounds. It did however not account for a single R-Drone blinding it from a distance. The Nisse managed to quickly shift targets and take down the R-Drone in a single shot. But just like that, the initiative of the battle was turning.

Svalarheima units rushing against the unexpected Combined Army backup and getting shot down as the Avatar disables Suppressive Fire mode

With all PanOceanian units behind deep cover Raktorak deployed a Preta to charge into the fireteam. As it was approaching all of the PanOceanian units managed to react while it was still out of sight and reposition to also face the oncoming creature. The Preta did not care for its own survival and charged towards the machinist.

Preta and Taigha charging PanOceanian units behind cover

The PanOceanian units opened fire, making short work of the Preta. The Preta did however manage so unleash a torrent of silica shrapnel upon its enemies, taking multiple units down and almost dismantling the fireteam.

Preta hailing silica shrapnel over the PanOceania units

Making use of this commotion “Eve” morphed once again into “Kerstin” from shipping and fled towards the PanOceanian units shouting about Morat atrocities. The PanOceanian forces were hesitant to trust “Kerstin” and readied for a response in case of it being another hostile. One Fusilier ignored the opportunity of firing and analyzed the movement patterns of “Kerstin”, quickly getting a feeling that she was not entirely human. The civilian took another couple of steps towards the PanOceanian units that reacted the same way to this now more suspicious person. Just like that “Kerstin” pulled out a boarding shotgun and unleashed two shots into the fireteam and the remaining units. The PanOceanian units opened fire, ignoring the chance for dodging the incoming storm of pellets. In her ultimate sacrifice, Eve/Kerstin managed to take down all but two of the PanOceanian units.

"Kerstin" approaching the PanOceanian units, fleeing from the Rasyat
Is "Kerstin" really an ally?! Something is fishy here according to one of Fusiliers
Their gut feeling was correct, as they fell to shotgun fire, taking down the Speculo Killer with them

Happy with the outcome the Avatar charged forward to analyze the remains of the battlefield. One of the two remaining PanOceanian units cursed as it let loose its Combi Rifle upon the VooDoo-tech giant. With the Avatar behind cover and using mimetic effects it was not even able to hit any of its shots, while getting taken down by the precise fire of the Avatar. The advanced continued against a single Orc trooper.

The Orc trooper refused to cease fire, unleashing a single bullet. In response it received an immense jolt of pain throughout the brain as its cube got sepsitorized.

Avatar sepsitorizes the only remaining unit for later analysis

“Excellent job, now we can analyze the memories, and identify how deep-rooted the hostilities are and what these hostile campaigns are” - A Pneumarch from High Command communicated to Raktorak Faith, having monitored to encounter.

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