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VS Combined Army
Chris Ryan


Setup – Corregidor Nomads (HVT ICU List) vs Combined Army, Morat Aggression Forces (Big Chunks. List)

Morat’s win initiative and elect to go first. Nomads deploy second and spends a command token to strip 2 orders from Morat’s second group.


Morats amass most of their forces to one side and center. The Gakis, Oznats and Preta group up in the corner while Rindak posts up forward and center, backed up by Kornak with a couple Suryats. In the opposite corner a pair of Daturazi and a Raktorak stand ready. Their HVTs are spread out; one in the center and the other two near the outer edges.

I deploy my Nomads roughly the same with my Alguacil plus Daktari fireteam in the corner across from the Gaki hoard. Posted above them is a Reaktion Zond which is covering a good portion of the board plus my back line. On the left portion of the board I have the Iguana TAG backing up Jazz with Billie not far from the Reaktion Zond. An Evader and Vostok lay prone waiting to take the center of the board. A Jaguar sits just ahead of them. Two of my HVTs are setup near each other in the center of the board and my last one is near the left edge with the TAG nearby. Also supported by a Lobo and a Moran that places a Krazy Koala near the left console. My designated target is the left model of the two center HVTs.

Round 1

The Rindak decides to do a little parkour action and climbs itself around and out of sight of my Reaktion Zond, spending most of their orders to push buttons and discover a decoy target. Knowing that the far left HVT isn’t who they’re looking for they continue to the next console and find my designated target. Moving up their second group an HMG Suryat uses its limited orders to put my Reaktion Zond down to unconscious level 2, but not without taking a wound itself. Rindrak uses the last of their orders to climb up into place above the Alguacil fireteam and getting into LOS of the designated target but doesn’t have the orders to take the shot and goes prone to end their turn.

My fireteam moves up to try and solve the Saryut problem that has the consoles more or less covered. My HMG Alguacil manages to get some hits in, but the Saryut tanks the shots and decides to go prone, hiding behind a bridge railing. I didn’t get the kill, but I’m able to move up and press a button and find the designated target on my first try and taking the console away from the Morats. This takes most of my order and I back my team off to try and keep them alive through the next round. Jazz had managed to immobilize the Rindak and during all the fireteam shuffling he resets. The rest of the turn is spent using the few orders left to positon for round two. Vostok takes the center and the Iguana moves out from the corner.

Round 2

The Daturazi and Raktorak move up, under the cover of smoke, to get to the left console. My Krazy Koala is super excited to meet its new Daturazi friend and blows him up. Raktorak moves forward again and activates the last of the consoles and reveals the other decoy near my designated target. The Rindak stands up and takes a shot downing my designated target. In hindsight dealing with him instead of the Saryut may have been the better choice. In a series of AROs the Rindak manages to survive but is pinned down, but not before getting my decoy down too. Their turn ends before they can make it to my last decoy.

Nomads respond with the Vostok moving up and taking out the designated target. Tired of the Rindak being in my back line, the Alguacils move in and take him out. The Iguana moves up and begins to work on the Daturazi and Raktorak managing to only get the Daturazi that avoids getting roasted by my heavy flamethrower and dodges towards me, forcing me backwards to avoid getting into CC with them. With the Raktorak hidden, I’m able to move the Lobo up and get the left console pushed and reveal the nearby decoy. I move the Vostok up, take out the decoy and position myself to cover the Saryuts and Raktorak, if it decides to come backwards.

At this point the I have two consoles taken back from them and their designated target and one decoy down. They have all my HVTs down and only one console left, the center one.

Round 3

A wild Rasyat appears in my backline. They’re able to get into a spot without AROs and with LOS of my last HVT. The results were not pretty. Low on orders the Morats try to setup to keep me held back. They pass their turn hoping they can get a good set of AROs against me.

Using all the command tokens I had left, I move the remaining members of group two into my main group. Getting bold I try to move the Vostok up and get the Saryuts out of my way. Moving too far forward I fall in range of the Vulcan shotgun and burn to the ground and taking him with me. The Iguana steps up and uses the rest of the turn to clear out the Rasyat, Saryut and Kornak while moving up to the center console. The pilot pops out and presses the button and gets back inside the TAG. The Iguana calls its shot and get LOS of the last HVT decoy on the far right and puts them down.

Both players did a terrible job of protecting their HVTs as all 6 of them were taken out. Being able to secure all the consoles at the end gave the Nomads the win 7-5.

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