Operation Obliviated Embarkation (AKA "You forgot your boarding pass")

VS Haqqislam

Jazz saw a readout on her Gheist transmitter – “Threat identified in your proximate zone.” A burst of gunfire and the threat was no longer marked on her Hostile indicators. The Intruder representative had been called upon by the Nomad workforce of the Edda terminal. Negotiations for vital supplies had broken down – local Silk authorities had cancelled contracts and requisitioned the use for vital medical purposes. Never mind the health needs of the workforce that kept this place running. So Corregidor central command had authorised industrial action, represented in this case by a takeover of Edda assets that would allow them to take the supplies outlined in their contracts.
The Intruder designated several more battlefield targets. Concealed Hassasin fighters were sniped out under the safety of of plumes of concealing smoke. But an innocuous crate, designated by her protector, suddenly unleashed a hail of spitfire ammunition that felled him.
The Brigada team sprung into action, aware that they no longer had the protective cover of concealed fire. Missile shots from the team cracked the shell of a Shakush. Meanwhile, the repeater web was laid down.
Jazz heard the sounds of an explosion as part of her repeater network was destroyed. A hidden attacker revealed themselves and allowed their remotes to rain missile fire down. A barid launched their own repeater into the forward zone. Designating elements of the Brigada team that lay in wait, the missile fire quickly scattered their coherency. The Brigada team surged forward through the dense centre of the spaceport warehouses, but a combination of hacker cover and fire from the Sunduqbot quickly cut them to ribbons. The Tuareg hacker had already designated the Nomad safehouse, rendering it unusable for any kind of purpose. It was time for her to retreat. The workers, having been divided, were on this day defeated.

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