Ranom Niozr 009: Pitched battle at Edda

Combined Army
VS PanOceania

DISCLAIMER: We've had a local tournament here and I've discussed with my opponents (before games) that I will use these matches for the campaign and got their concent. That's why it's not the original mission for the location.

Crawling Preta, Hidden Kaitok

After a few uneventful days Random Niozr and his team were sent to beltway 594 and joined a terrible pitched battle there. It was clear that the Combined Command was adamant in its resolve to take control over Edda. But so was PanOceania. That conflicted turned the area into a dead zone and reduced the once beautiful cityscape to a huge piles of rubble.

PanO taking their positions before the fight

PanO won the initiative roll and chose deployment. Morats decided to go second.

Turn 1. PanO.
Cutter killed one of the kaitoks and suryat (both dead). Retreated into its own deploy and recamo'ed. Both motorized bounty hunters and both diggers entered zones close to their deployment. Peacemaker moved forward and entered ZoC of one of dartoks. Dartok missed him with oblivion. Peacemaker killed one preta and saved like 5 hits from damages 14+. Hexa used him as a repeater and managed to carbonite and then target the dartok. Hexa recamo'ed and moved into the center to score one of the zones.

Psst! Want some MULTI HMG from mimetism (-6) ?

Turn 1. Morats.
Gaki ran forward and managed to bite off one wound from one digger. Then he died. Second preta killed peacemaker and died. Yaogat killed the helot, then tried to discover shoot Cutter, but failed. My core link moved forward. Kaitok killed hexa with intuitive shot. Dartok shot repeaters close to Joanne and Cutter. Hacker managed to isolate Joanne.

End of turn 1: Morats 1 - PanO 1

She is there! There!

Turn 2. PanO.
PanO started in LoL. Still they managed to kill yaogat sniper and moved forward into 3 out of 4 zones. Also monstrucker fixed Joanne.

Turn 2. Morats.
Both ikadrons entered zones near deployment zone. One managed to find the back of the wounded digger and killed him. Dartok targeted the beast hunter. Smart missile killed both beast hunter and bounty hunter, who was unfortunate enough to stand near. Kaitok and dartok moved forward. They managed to kill the second bounty hunter, warcor and techbee. Kaitok charged Joanne and shot three chain rifles at her. She hit him with explosive CCW. Both warriors saved ALL damage. Dartok stood nearby. Morats controlled 3 out of 4 zones.

End of turn 2: Morats 3 - PanO 1

We were running out of time and had just a few minutes to finish the game. So the last turn was very rushed.

Turn 3. PanO.
Joanne showed why she is the ultimate warrior of God. She killed kaitok (dartok missed with oblivion). With a sword. She then moved to dartok and killed him too. With a sword. She entered the zone closest to her deployment after that. Cutter run into the zone near morats deployment, killed one ikadron and stood there without camo or cover. Digger killed the second ikadron and completed the classify (don't quite remember which one). Pathfinder moved and hacked one console.


Turn 3. PanO.
Morats had 5 minutes and 6 orders. PanO was winning 5-3. Rindak ran forward and hacked one console. He was wounded by digger in the process. He ran towards the second console. Cutter saw and killed him with an explosive round. With two orders and only Kornak in the field left there was no good options left.

So Kornak moved forward and killed Cutter with his two remaining orders tearing the victory for his morats out of the claws of defeat.

End of the game: Morats 5 - PanO 4

Superior warrior-officer

Ranom watched at the wreck of the mighty PanO war machine in disbelief. His warriors roared around the mighty Kornak some distance away. Treitak saw superior warrior in battle before and heard stories. But this... Ranom shook his head. This was something else.

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