Ranom Niozr 010: Ruins of the Beltway

Combined Army

DISCLAIMER: We've had a local tournament here and I've discussed with my opponents (before games) that I will use these matches for the campaign and got their concent. That's why it's not the original mission for the location.

The fighting at Edda raged on with no ending in sight. Ranom didn't care. The way of the morat is war. Always. His team fought again and again. This time it was OSSS. No matter. Morats fight, kill and die. That is the way.

Pneumarch is secure

Main classifies:
- HVT: Identity Check
- HVT: Kidnapping
- Capture
- Sabotage

Morats secondary classify: Vigilante

OSSS secondary classify: Data Scan

Aleph won the initiative roll and decided to go first.

Turn 1. Aleph.
MK5 FO moved forward and performed Sabotage. Dart came to HVT through the house and performed HVT: Identity Check. She was targeted by dartok in the process, retreated and recamo'ed. EVO gave +1B to dakini sniper. Haris of rudra, danavas and dakini moved on the flank furthest from morats core link. It came close to gaki. He dodged into contact with dakini. Haris moved on. Dakini was left unconscious and gaki died. Danavs shot a repeater and managed to isolate ikadron, then perform Data Scan.

Turn 1. Morats.
Preta moved to Dart and discovered her but was killed by dakini sniper ARO. Yaogat killed Dart, MK5 FO, and then dakini sniper (some lucky shots 4 of 15 vs 3 of 14). Dakini was so "lucky" in fact that it went straight to dead. Kurgat left the link behind and went forward. He performed Sabotage, civevaced an enemy HVT and went back to his core link. Yaogat saw that and took an opportunity to performe HVT: Identity Check. HVT was left amidst the core link and kurgat rejoined his link through the use of CT.

End of turn 1: Morats 2 - Aleph 5.

You are coming with me

Turn 2. Aleph.
All morats hid behind the walls, so Aleph shot some mines through mine dispenser (reloaded it in the process). Also OSSS operatives did their best to position themselves so that they could spoil enemy moves as much as possible.

Turn 2. Morats.
Morats had already moved an enemy HVT where needed. Secure HVT was almost guaranteed. Unconscious dakini was conveniently left on their left flank. 2 main classified completed. 2 left to be completed at the end of the game. So it was time to remove as much orders from Aleph's pool as possible. One dartok threw repeater closer to danavas and killed her with trinity. Another dartok shot repeater to rudra and targeted her. She died to smart missile.

End of turn 2: Morats 2 - Aleph 5.

Turn 3. Aleph.
Deva hacker shot repiters but was isolated in the process. Dakini HMG killed yaogat and suryat and was left as an ARO in the middle.

Dakini ready to kill

Turn 3. Morats.
Dartok ran into Dakini HMG ZoC and carbonite it. Kaitok thanks to that moved through the dangerous ground and stood hugging the unconscious dakini. Kornak moved down from the roof and hugged an enemy HVT. Morats declared secure HVT.

End of the game: Morats 10 - Aleph 5

Let me hold you tight

Another battle. Another victory for morats. Is that enough to capture Edda? Time will tell. Ranom removed his helmet and sat down near the wall covered with bullet holes. He had a cup of coffee in his hand. He discovered that strange alien beverage during the campaign at Human Sphere. He liked it. He had a small personal custom. To celebrate each battle he survived with a cup of coffee, where possible.

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