Simulation 1 - Compositiontest

VS O-12

So after our successful defense against ariadnas thiefs we were approached by o12 officials. they wanted to know if our troops and conducted them self appropriatly. since all videofootage had mystirisously vanished, we were contracually forced into a battle simulation with the force that conducted the defense mission. while o12 ended up with full control of the consoles, they failed to kill any hvts, just as ariadna had in the real battle before.

We were quite suprised that o12 wasnt holding their punches and went straight at our defensive network with a zeta and hits hrmc. it cost us so many (despensable) people, that our response felt lackluster. The Tik failed to establish meaningful board control and looked to deep into a flashpulse. while we managed to pull troops on the middle line, only the bulletteer could be dug in with suppressive fire. it would ofc fall to a template weapon barly scratching the spaceviking. im still confused that o12 employs men so hell bend on dying in combat. the tik fell and but our hackers held the ground. sadly we couldnt actively persue any intel when it became time to act and got punched down by a gangbuster afterwards. as a last hooray joan coordinated our remaining merc specialists and the techbee towards the consols but apart from a minor traitor, we didnt manage to kill the very target, we actually hit in the battle against ariadna.

o12 deemed this simulation to unlikly to be similar to what we had done days prior to ariadna and demanded another simulation run which i will cover next. who knew that they cant even win with grace (opponent was hella fine though ;) )

My mood after the game. was fun and fair but during our dinner i revised my list and planed revenge for round 2

Joan taking revenge on the zeta while coordinating the remainging specilist. allowing 1 hvt ded.
comparison of old n1-n3 models with current n3-n4 models from pano. just for fun :)

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