SIMULATION 2 - Bloody Revenge

VS O-12

For Simulation 2 we broke the deal of playing what we had brought against ariadna. we got ourselvs one more regular with a fastpanda, kicked the bulletter+khd for a coc sepu and went for it.

joan secured us the initiative and we started hammering into the opponent so hard we could not only seize the middfield completly on the first turn... we also climbed the middle house block and killed the enemy lt. and killed half his troops. and klicked 2 anetennas. and pushed the sepu past midline. and put it into sf right infront of the enemy dz. and killed a traitor with the ml bot firing on the gangbusters glue mine :D

some might call it luck. i call it well served revenge.

our opponent struggled to even get back into the game and spend most his time to reorganize his troops. at this point we had only lost a biker merc, which is to be expected. we then procceded to mulch more of o12s troops and by sheer luck managed to put him into loss of lt AGAIN. last console got clicked. fastpandas arleady deploy our hackers moved forward. marked the two remaining hvts. sepu and clipper each hammerd one. mission pretty much done. opponent tried to dent one of our troops on his last chance but just managed to lose anything he touched. freaking epic.

overall super onesided battle since i got my opponent into lol 2 times AND and tik and sepu in sf on midline on the end of turn 1 with fast pandas+fugazis+hackers covering sidelines. not even the luckiest combat jumper could have saved the game. but my opponent was super chill and congratulated me on doing all this with literally no crits for me the complete 17 orders spent. best turn1 ever i think

enemy reduced to retreat state, all hvts killed, all consoles clicked, all aro units in sf or perfect ranges, repeaters EVERYWHERE, nothing lost apart a 9pt bike XD

Just so you can learn what inspired the best unit pano has: the techbee

techbee had coordinated with regulars and joan to grab the 3rd console and essentially got a prime view of the last two hvts getting blown to pieces by the gml hits and the sepu jumping down a building onto a hvt. pic is (CC BY 4.0) @AI_EmeraldApple
pic shows middle after top turn 2. tag in sf, karhu and techbee ready to flashpulse/blitzen any approaching units, beasthunter on the prawl whith its panzerfaust... oh and you can see 1 fastpanda and a hacker hiding. ofc 3 console not in picture was covered same way. did i tell you about all my misslese, fugazis and joan in the dz also standing up and in sf? yeap insane top turn 2 too XD. pretty much perfect game with only bike lost and all aro units perfectly placed

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