Container defense

VS Ariadna
Mister T

While collecting my troops and paying out the mercs attached to my company we were ambushed by ariadnian fighters. after battle intel indicates that their aim was to gain control of some containers of valuable items in the general confusion of the battlefield. we just had done a pr stunt with joan so got the lady luck on our side from the start.

blasting our way to the middle console we identified the traitor that sold intel on our containers to ariadna. he got balsted by a coordinated attack of the mercs we hired. money well spend i guess. our opponents send so dogs to hunt us down but failed to even put a dent in the mighty santiago brother deployed in the middle o fthe table. afterwards our tag, a mighty tag accompinied by a karhu engineer, punched through the enemy counter fire and got us intel on more traitors. he was a weasle and dodge back multiple time till the karhu could finally chase him down. seeing that an enemy sniper proved difficult to take down, we did not bother to seek information and the last traitor and just pushed as much arms forward as we could and set up suppressive fire lines on any weapon we could. our opponent, unable to break through and having lost all his own heavy weapons prior covered his retreat and left the table.

Since no other weapon then snipers and HMGs was used in this battle, this video feels very appropriate :D

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