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Shelwe was in trouble. She had deciphered some data that showcased that Rasht was leaving planet soon, and this would be her last chance to actually catch them. Her information pointed her to a safe house for rasht in the airport. Her team quickly pushed to raid it. For some reason her mission came up flagged by 0-12 handlers for non clearance. The Danavas of her crew sent a query and was given override. So off they went.

(I won initiative this time! …like almost all the times and my opponent had me deploy first. I kept my proxy mk4 as my deploy last model and pushed myself on a heavy right flank position. After my opponent went and I counter played my mk4 turn one was…pretty quick. My mk2 moved up passed the center line ready to do my classified and my Rudrah put the gwailo into unconscious. My mk4 scared one of the box fireteam into cover but took a wound for the troubles and my Shukra secured the launching room. My opponents response killed my mk4 and saw the nox fireteam to come up and get 4 i.d’s as four of the five were specialists. They then made their way to the main room but I had alot of aros to stop them. They also dropped two cadimus down and while they caused some mischief nothing horrible came about)

*ugh. Things were already going poorly. Her mk4 body was thrashed. Tore basically in half by a HMG, but at least the danavas and rudrah dealt with the cadimus that dropped behind me. Ok. We can do this….oh. four i.d pings from the other terminal. Oh. Oh crap. Rasht must be making a run. Popping visuals from the Lamedh just shows…nox? OK. Rahst isn’t there. This is fine. The rudrah moves forward and takes some damage from someone around the building I’m hiding behind. It’s not quite time for me to make my rush over to the safe house for these shavastii…okay. message sent to the fire team to lock down the launching bay and the sophitech brought one of the lamedh back online. This is a good position. I make my run soon. Rudrah backing me up should be enough*

(My turn two was filled with some pretty easy decisions. At the very tail end of my opponents turn he put my two lamedh down. My sophitech got them back up and positioned herself by the panic room. My rudrah moved closer and dropped some mines inside the room. Kill3r the cadimus behind my line and tried to kill the seed soldier behind the building. Failed. And took a wound. But was in good shape. My fireteam moved up and locked down around the building.

But oh boy did my opponents turn do good. The completed their classified off my lamedh. Even if their link ended by the hacker getting dead. And they put my rudrah into unconscious 1. And dropped a daktini. It didn’t break my link but sucked all the same. They got their gwailo up to do the breaking of my bots but he walked to close and got dropped by a mine and then he died to the harmacist trying to being him back up with a medikit. My opponent stagged for an end run to the launching bay)

*ok. Danavas is going to rush for an i.d and get on the ship first. Make sure no agents are on board before hand…and dang can she move. She gets in and out quickly. My turn. I give my shotgun a once over and bust around the side of the building. Right into a seed soldier. Two buckshot later and he is mulch. I make it to rashts building. Conformation complete. Time to end this.*

(My last turn was quick. My danavas made a mad dash for an i.d and then gtfo’d. I then finished my classified and set myself to stop any from getting into the middle. My sophi brought my daktini back up and my Shukra after an aro put him down. I ended up blasting some more seedy bois down.

My opponent had family stuff so was going to call it. It would have been a huge win! But like. The conclusion wasn’t satisfying with that so I talked them into just making a rush to extract. They had all the I.d. so they did I stopped two from getting through but still two nox got out. Giving them the win by 2!)

*ugh. After all the dust settled and the shavastii escaped. And I got my mk1 Lhost over to their safe house I actually got to work looking though the info. The person I thought was rasht? Wasn’t. Turns out he had disgused himself as a nox and got off world on a vessel. And….I found more disturbing information. I.ds of various missing persons cases from around the area. I.ds of various key citizens in key spots that had gone missing and more importantly 0-12 had prevented the investigation of…they must have known. Must have know the shavasti had them and had infiltrated various areas. What did 0-12 have to gain from working with the combined? …time to dig deeper into that*

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