Shadows at Dawn

Yu Jing
San Tya Go
VS Haqqislam

The Invincible Army has been covertly monitoring the activities of the Hassassin Society near a critical spaceport on the edge of their territories. Intel suggests the Hassassins have valuable intel concerning the spaceport that could shift power balances. Yu Jing’s commander has decided to take proactive measures. His objective is to locate the Hassassins, prevent data transfer, and, if possible, extract any data for Yu Jing.

The next biggest threat is the actual transfer of data. The Hassassins have a makeshift, hidden uplink in a surrounding building to transmit the data off-world. If alerted, they will try to send the data before escaping.
Once the data has been secured or the transfer has been stopped, Yu Jing’s unit must wipe out the Hassassin squad and exfiltrate the area.

Upon locating the Hassassins, the troopers discover the intel has been stored in a secured, highly-encrypted datapad that's always in transit with a Hassassin courier. Zhēnchá hacks the datapad of the enemy group commander and downloads data from it.

After this, a rocket is launched at the highlighted target, which destroys the enemy lieutenant and part of his escort. The main group, with the support of the hacker, breaks through to the enemy's evacuation beacon and takes it into an isolated case to hide all traces of the combat encounter.

The Hassassins also had a skilled hacker who managed to launch several smart missiles, which is why Zhanshi and Shàng Jí were killed. But, although not without losses, the group completed the task.

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Yu Jing
San Tya Go