Violence Was The Answer After All

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The last day of the campaign and the last chance to have a go at the awful losing streak that's been hounding me through nearly all of Shattergrounds! Responding to the Unidron fireteams, which have also been hounding me relentlessly, with my own fireteams of their ostensible mirrors hasn't been working out well at all. So this time I changed it up a little more - I kept the team a little more spread out, I positioned a little more aggressively for AROs...

And I started rolling better.

That's the thing that did it, I'm pretty sure.

They'll all be painted next year, -promise.-
The enemy!
The cat!

The opening was... Uneven. I positioned myself with multiple lines of fire pointed across the table, so anything that shot in our direction would be taking lots of free shots right back. Ko Dali was the first, shot dead before she could really accomplish anything. The Unidrons turned on the Marut, blasting her down under a few orders' worth of explosions...

... while not taking much damage in return. Thepoorman started counting out odds of various actions, and said straight-up that it was a safe bet I'd just roll badly.

Honestly, safe bet. My HMG-wielding Dakini got shot off the board next - but then, a very mysterious thing happened, as the remaining sniper just... Rolled really well? And nearly every Unidron that tried to move out just dropped instead. Absolutely astonishing! I've never seen anything like it.

Dakinis and Deva moved across the board, slicing through the Ekodrons and surviving Unidrons, rolling numbers I didn't even know were on my dice.
The Deva rampaged her way behind the Umbras, putting two down and killing Doctor Wormius on her way. This rando Dakini cheerleader came up behind Nourkias and wounded him - with his last toy soldier surrounded and with nothing to eat, we called it there, a clean victory in a place I don't really care about putting points!

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