Aleph Intervention at Montalbán

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"This is the last place I expected the chertov Aleph to find us!" - shouted Jelena Kovač, as she noticed the familiar signatures infecting the cyberspace around her. The foray into Montalbán was supposed to help the Nomads free their pilots from PanO experimentation, but her team was not prepared to fight the Steel Phalanx force that appeared between them and the objective. "Lets get the Pilots out before they cut us off from their holding tanks for good" - ordered the Securitate leader.

Tunguskan Deployment
Aleph Deployment Right Flank
Aleph Deployment Left Flank

Unfortunately, the Steel Phalanx team was already in position and covered the approaches to the lab facility that Tunguskans were trying to get to. Atalanta was on overwatch, and something needed to be done to cover their approach. One of the Hecklers hiding in the shadows urged forward and deployed his "Fast Panda" repeater near one of the planters with genetically engineered plants which surrounded the lab. Interventor on Jelena's crew put up the White Noise to mess with the snipers' Multi Spectral Visor, and the rest of the team rushed forward under the cover of the digital interference. Jelena and Fiddler, who was tinkering with the latest firmware updates on the prototype Vostok unit, moved forward to take control of the lab. Having made their way inside, they found that one of the side doors was offering them a flank view to Atalanta, and didn't hesitate to use this opportunity to try and take the Aleph sniper down. Vostok opened fire, and Aleph trooper hit the top of the cargo crate she was on, seemingly unconscious. Not being completely sure that the target was neutralized, Vostok was setup in suppresive fire to watch the shipping crates for movement, while the rest of the team spread out through the lab, trying to set up the defensive peremter. Securitate team has moved forward, and Grenzer has set up to watch one of the approaches to the lab, and the Zellenkriegers set up nearby, ready to assist should something go wrong inside the building.

Vostok fireteam sets up inside the Montalban Lab

Thorakitae, who were hiding on the rooftop, moved up to check up on Atalanta, and the paramedic among them shot his MedKit at the unconscious sniper. She regained consciousness from the coctail of drugs racing through her system, but stayed prone, since Vostok was still watching her position. After that, the Aleph fireteam moved forward, and attempted to shoot their missile launcher at a Vostok, but were not able to get a clear shot due to a hail of Mk12 bullets. Seeing how firepower was not effective at taking out the remote with the latest optical disruption tech, they took cover. Myrmidon officer decided to take action into his own hands, and moved forwards towards the lab under cover of Eclipse grenades. Smoke filled the facility, and Fiddler was too slow to react as the Aleph warrior stabbed his sword through her chest, killing her outright. Vostok's sensors were overwhelmed by the Eclipse smoke, and it couldn't make out the Myrmidon in it, taking critical damage, but remaining in operation as the Aleph ambushed it.

Myrmidon ambushing Fiddler

Zellenkriegers, noticing the commotion inside the building, rushed inside, and attempted to disengage the combat remote from the Myrmidon that was harrying it. As they rushed in, one of them was cut down by the warrior, while the other managed to shoot her heavy pistols into his head, dropping his decapitated body to the floor of the lab. Realizing that reinforcements are sorely needed inside the facility, the Securitate fireteam rushed forward to assist. Grenzer, flanking the building, took out one of the Thorakitae who was waiting for an opportune moment to launch another missile inside. With the immediate threat neutralized, the rest of the team set up positions to enter the lab. Another one of the teams' Heckler set up a "Fast Panda" inside the lab to project the Interventors' quantronic combat threat. Heckler on the right flank moved into the lab, and started fiddling with his Jammer to aid in the defence of the assault that was assuredly on the way.

Grenzer taking out the Thorakitae
Tunguska sets up the defence

Atalanta sprung into action, and now that Vostok was distracted by the Myrmodon, was able to shoot and disable the unaware remote. Ekodromoi, who was trying to land near the Securitate team, got veered off course by the Salyut that Tunguskans had in the area, and landed on the edge of the battlefield. Seeing how using their more heavily armored troops to storm the lab would cause countless quantronic disruption issues, one of the Thyreos Mobile Regiment members moved forward. She probed the Interventors' defence systems with her Trinity hack, but the Tunguskan hacker was not easy to take down with his reinforced firwalls, though it did disrupt his attempts at isolating her from the combat network. The Zellenkrieger in the lab sensed something happening outside the door, and dodged to the doorway, where she was met with a hail of fire from the Agamemnon's Spitfire. Ducking under the stream of bullets, she tried to use the Thyreos as a human shield, but Aleph tossed a D-Charge at her feet and the Zellenkrieger went out in a blaze of glory. Thyreos then rushed forward into the building, enduring the assault on her cyber systems, and firing her boarding shotgun wildly at the Nomads inside. When the smoke settled, she was the only one standing in the lab. Emboldened by the massacre inside, Atalanta and Ekodromoi moved forward to assist in capturing the Nomad Pilots.

Murderous Thyreos and the bloody aftermath

The Securitate fireteam split up, and tried to flank the Thyreos inside - it dodged Grenzers' fire, as he was moving past the door, and dashed for some cover inside. As the second volley of bullets from the Sniper rifle found its target, one of the flanking Securitate died, hit by her shotgun blast. Grenzers' fireteam flanked the building, first engaging the Ekodromoi and shooting him down, and then finishing off Atalanta on their way inside. The Paramedic among the Securitate tried to assist Jelena Kovač, who was still barely alive, but his efforts only worsened her condition, and she succumbed to her wounds. Heckler was less seriosly wounded, and was able to return to battle. Bracing for the incoming charge, the team has set up inside the building once again, launching the Interventor's "Fast Panda" on to the rooftop that would cover Agamemnon and the Hoplite in the repeater range.

Nomads' last stand

It was all for naught. Thorakitae were able to jump up onto the rooftop, and disable the device. Then, the Hoplite threw a Drop Bear into the building door. He then entered the building, shrugging off any attempt to disconnect him from the Aleph network, and the fire from the Securitate within. One by one, the members of the fireteam were falling to the Hoplite's shots, until only one remained. However, he would still find his doom inside the forsaken laboratory as the Agamemnon crashed through the door and riddled him with Spitfire rounds.

Steel Phalanx gaining control of the Research Lab
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  • Dr.D says:

    Having the opportunity to watch this game in person. I have to say that the ALEPH player passed an absurd amount of armor saves. It was quiet the situation. Amazing table as always.

    Dr. D of Task Force Corgo OUT

    Lieutenant Liberty OUT
    Commander of Task Force Corgo
    SWORDFOR Officer of Councilium Defense Force
    Host of Arachne Podcast

  • Luisjoey says:

    what a nice table! wow

  • Epistaxis says:

    An excellent write-up, Commander! Really nice pictures and table, too!

  • CyberJunkInTheTrunk says:

    It is a shame to see such a beautiful facility tarnished by spilled aleph oil and nomad blood.