Hassasins... Why did it have to be Hassassins.

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VS Haqqislam

- "Who was doing intelligence gathering for this mission? How the hell do they miss that the target has connection to the Hassasins?"
- "Ummm... Isn't that kind of the point of the Hassasins? No one knows who they are?"
- "Oh, the big FREAKING TAG in the area didn't tip anyone off?"
- "We thought it was mercs. Who in their right mind brings a TAG to an assassination mission?!"
The Tunguska forces were clamoring over their closed communication network as they took cover from the Hassassin force that all of the sudden appeared across from them, interrupting what was supposed to be a run of the mill reveal and eliminate mission in the Montalban Yacht Club.

Hassasin Deployment, right flank
Hassasin Deployment, left flank
Tunguskan Deployment Left Flank
Tunguskan Deployment Right Flank

First sign of trouble were the Muttawi'ah that approached on the flanks, ready to jam the Nomad communication. The one in the middle, however, deployed smoke, and under its cover, the Shakush TAG has moved forward to punch through the hastily setup Nomad defence. Its main target was the Grenzer who setup on the rooftop. Multiple rounds of fire was exchanged, and proved ineffective on both sides of the engagement. While the firefight between Grenzer and Shakush was going on, the Zondnauts' AI Bike in its combat form tried to blind the Haqqislam TAG with its smoke launcher. The smoke cover went down, and managed to push the TAG away from the Nomad lines, however, this cost Grenzer his life, since he was not prepared to the torrent of fire that came out of the smoke covered zone as the TAG rushed back. Seeing the Zondnaut as a threat to their assault, Hassasins activated one of the embedded agents that was stationed next to Tunguska lines, and a Fiday has rounded the corner. Under a guise of friendly personnel, he managed to approach the distracted Zondnaut, and thrusted his sword towards the Nomad hacker. A nearby Transductor reacted as fast as its programming allowed it, and blinded the Hassasin infiltrator, whose blade has harmlessly slid off the armor of the Tunguskan. On the other flank, one of the Muttawi'ahs tried to rush the rooftop that the Grenzer was once standing on, and was met by a Combi Rifle fire from a Securitate Paramadic that was waiting there, prone. Seeing that their forward elements needed more support, additional Haqqislam units have moved forward - Bokhtar on the left, and another Muttawi'ah on the right. Another hidden Hassasin has moved ahead to support the Shakush, who has setup a suppressive fire position.

Fiday attacking the Zondnaut

Recovering from the surprise blitz attack, Tunguskans started their counter-offensive. A Zellenkrieger has setup a smoke screen, since the one from the Zondmate has started to dissipate, and moved to the right flank to help out the Zondnaut stuck in melee with the Fiday. A Hollowman with his trusty Stempler remote has jumped onto the roof to try and set up the repeater network - however, as soon as he lined up the Pitcher shot, he noticed movement in the shadow of the building, and a Daylamis' Panzerfaust rocket has hit him center mass, completely destroying the android body. The Pitcher shot still went off, and landed near the Hassasin TAG. Interventor, hidden behind the building, spooled up his Total Control routines, and started attacking the firewall of the Shakush. After a couple of tries, he was in! Moving the TAGs limbs as if they were his own, the Interventor turned it around, and started firing on the shocked Hassasin troopers in the area. Daylami dodged the Spitfire rounds, but the Heavy Flamer has caught him shortly after. Muttawi'ah dodged the stream of fire behind some planter boxes, which immediately caught fire. Tunguskan hacker has pushed the TAG further ahead, opening fire at the Lasiq sniper who was hiding behind the billboard of the nearby building. She was not prepared for friendly fire, and went down, however, the Bokhtar saw what happened, and managed to get out of the way quickly. With the TAG no longer watching the alleyway, Zellenkrieger was able to make his way around the shipping crate, and blindly charged at the Fiday who was assaulting the Zondnaut, guns blazing. Fiday managed to turn around from his fight with the hacker, and stabbed his sword into the charging cage fighter, but not before being shot down by the heavy pistol fire in CQC. Another Zellenkrieger on the left flank hurried forward to protect one of the hidden Tunguskan assets in the area, trying to get them out of a rapidly unraveling situation.

Hollowman being blown up by a Panzerfaust

Hassasin commander managed to execute the master reset routines on the TAG under his control, and Interventors' rampage stopped. Seeing how much of an issue the Tunguskan infowar really was, another Fiday was activated, and started moving forward towards the hacker. Zellenkrieger was in the way, but, before she was able to notice anything, a friendly looking civilian has uncloaked, and sent her into the wall, dead, with two slugs of his shotgun. Fiday then moved forward, shooting the unaware Securitate with her back to him. Thankfully, through some sheer luck, she was able to dodge the shotgun blast, ducking behind the crates as it was about to hit her. She then tried to answer with fire from her Combi Rifle, but another shotgun blast has finally found its target, knocking her unconscious. Another Transductor Zond nearby stopped the Fiday's rampage by blinding him with his Flash Pulse, and the other members of the Securitate team were safe for now. Muttawi'ah, patting out the embers from his singed coat, has moved forward to remove the Nomad repeater that was still threatening the Shakush. However, in his shaken state, it took him multiple rounds of Chainrifle fire to finally destroy the Tunguskan device. Shakush was then free to resume its assault, knocking out the Stempler Zond still idling on the roof. A nearby Heckler, seeing that the Hassassin TAG was pushing further into Tunguskan deployment, has given his life to deploy a Fast Panda repeater. Shakush continued forward, aiming to destroy the Zondmate still hiding behind cover. Noticing its firewall being under attack, the pilot has pre-emptively reset his TAGs firmware, but in doing so, opened himself to Chainrifle fire from the Zondmate, which managed to damage the Shakush. Bokhtar, dusting himself off, has pushed forward towards the Tunguskan lines.

Another Stunned Fiday
Shakush in Tungkuskan lines

Making his way through the waterways in the area, the Kriza Borac has finally made it to the battlefield, but found himself in the Haqqislamite repeater range as he joined the fray. While the first software reset saved him from the Oblivion hack, the secondary attack from the Barid hackers managed to shut him out of the Tunguskan combat network. As some of the Hassasin forces were moving forward, they were being target painted by the Nomad defence routines. After finally getting the targetting data, the Vertigo Zond was able to launch its smart missiles, and evaporated the Fiday and the Muttawi'ah, allowing for some breathing room. Not being able to sit still any longer, the Zondnaut has rushed forward towards the consoles, unfortunately opening his AI Bike to fire from the Shakush. The remote was shut down under the torrent of fire, but the hacker himself has set himself up in a better firing position. Seeing how much damage he was able to do previously, the Interventor tried to take over the Shakush systems again, but whatever was done to its firewalls in the master reset made it impervious to further attempts at controlling it.

Kriza Borac coming in from the side

With Tunguskans soon to extract all their valuable assets out of the area, Hassasin forces made some desperate attempts at identifying the targets via the data consoles nearby. Barid has tried to move forward towards one, but was met with fire from the Zondnaut. A Lasiq tried to provide covering fire, climbed the roof, but was shot down by the Tunguskan. Same fate befell another Muttawi'ah that tried to shoot the hacker. However, this provided enough distraction for the Barid to move forward, and be able to use the console to identify a secondary target in the area. The Bokhtar, exchanging gunfire with the Kriza Borac, dodged around the corner, and shot the HVT with his Red Fury. The Shakush continued its rampage, and moved forward, unaffected by hacking attempts, but the Flash Pulses from the Transductors, yet again, stopped the attack.

Zondnaut shooting down all opposition

Nomad forces needed to do something about the loss of their asset, and, in a last ditch effort, ordered the Securiate Paramedic, who had some infowar training, to reach the nearby console, dodging fire from the other Barid that was closing in on it. Pinging the area near the Kriza Borac, they were able to identify a target of interest, and the Serbian Crisis Soldier has managed to gun it down with his SMG before the rest of the Tunguska team has extracted the area.

Securitate and Kriza Borac getting a draw for Nomads

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