Tunguskan smuggling operation at Rhodan Spaceport

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VS O-12

Jelena Kovač, having received a new L-Host after her failure at Montalbán, gathered her team, and led them to seemingly easier task in Rhodan Spaceport. She needed to smuggle out two specimens of the QAZ creatures that were pouring out of the Quantumn Engtanglement Zones for further research on the Tunguska mothership. But, of course, nothing could be simple for her team that day, and instead of a quiet shipping sector, they ran into an O-12 patrol.

The next iteration of the Vostok remote took the point and moved forward to try and make a breach in O-12s defence, while shadowed by Fiddler making adjustments and Jelena herself. The first signs of resistance was the Total Reaction remote that opened fire on the team as they rounded the corner. Thankfully, the optical disruption device on the Vostok made that fight extremely skewed in Nomad favor, and the Peeler shut down under the weight of Vostok's firepower. Kovačs' team then moved forward around another building in the spaceport, and opened fire on the Kytta remote that was trying to capture the images of the perpetrators - and Tunguska didn't want any record of this incursion to exist. After taking out the observer remote, the team has setup a defensive position, and Fiddler has scaled the wall on her monowheel to a better vantage point. Zellenkriegers on both Tunguskan flanks rushed forward, trying to get to a container with the QAZ creature as soon as possible. After rounding one of the corners, one of them was surprised by a Casanova Recreation, and charged into battle. The cage fighter was able to land a shot with her brace of heavy pistols in CQC, but not without succumbing to the monofilament wound caused by Aleph trooper. On the other side, the Zellenkrieger laid in wait for any counter attack near some of the planter boxes. Seeing that the offensive push was succesful, one of the Hecklers has moved up on the rooftops to assist Jelena's team, launching a Fast Panda to set up a defensive peremeter, and readying his jammer for a counter push.

Zellenkrieger shoots Casanova in CQC
Fiddler on the Roof

The O-12 Epsilon, who was patiently waiting in an ambush position on the walkways overlooking the QAZ sample popped up from his cover and started firing at Fiddler on the roof, causing the Nomad engineer to roll out of the way and into a cover of the billboard nearby. Varangian on the right flank threw a smoke grenade over a barrier he was taking cover behind, setting up smoke cover in front of the Vostok on overwatch. The Epsilon, moving on the rooftops made full use of his Multi Spectral Visor and shot at Vostok that tried to return fire at the enemy it could not see. The HMG bullet plinked off the armor of the Remote, and the second exchange of firepower went badly for the O-12 officer, as the torrent of fire from a linked Mk12 was too much to evade, and the Epsilon went down. Seeing how the new Nomad tech was too much to handle for the rest of the O-12 troops, their commander made a decision to flank the entrenched remote, and sent a Delta trooper who parachuted in Tunguskan back lines on a daring counter-offensive. Delta was able to take out the Transductor, Salyut and Vertigo zonds that were positioned on that flank, and took cover behind some crates while reloading his Spitfire. Varangians moved forward to defend the container from the Zellenkriegers converging on it, but one of them ended up entering the Hecklers' Jammer range and was cut off from the O-12 battle network.

Epsilon firefight vs Vostok doesn't end well for O-12
Delta destroying the Tunguskan backline

Zellenkrieger laying in wait decide that it was his time to shine, and leaped over the plants, only to be met by a Varangian hiding behind cover. The fighters exchanged fire from their weapons, and both took mortal wounds, though through sheer determination, Varangian was still standing up, leaning on the planter box. Since most of the O-12 patrol was either hiding behind the buildings or in the Tunguskan backlines causing havoc, Fiddler decided to make a run for the QAZ sample herself. She rode her monowheel down the wall, unaware of the Lynx sniper that was watching her every move, hidden by a cloaking device. One accurate shot later, she has fallen to the ground, lifeless. Seeing the Lynx uncloak across the field in front of it, Grenzer took a shot at the sniper that had murdered Fiddler, and his bullet struck true, eliminating the threat. Seeing that she was the only one close enough to be able to grab the sample, Jelena Kovač moved towards it. Using her Sensor and Breaker rifle, she cleared out all the mines that were put up by O-12 around it, and finished off the Varangian who was holding on to his life. Grabbing the box, she started moving her way back to the safety of her Securitate team, making it all the way to the supply box that was waiting for her in an agreed upon area.

Grenzer shoots down the Lynx

Delta, who has finished reloading his weapon, moved forward, climbing to the rooftop via nearby ladder, and opened fire on the Heckler who was still hiding there, trying to clear the approach from the Jammer device he was wielding. He then made his way back downstairs, trying to undermine the Nomad network the entire way, and not being able to punch through the firewalls for what seemed like eternity. He finally succeeded on his task, and took cover behind some advertisements. Lawkeeper, who was finally able to move out from the cover now that the Jammer was not blocking his way, revved his bike and moved forward. Speeding through the street, he was able to ambush the Vostok with his Chainrifle, but the remote shrugged off the fire. The O-12 officer continued firing at Vostok with his SMG, and the bullets found their way through the armor plates of the remote, shutting it down. Lawkeeper then took cover behind the nearby building and prepared himself for a rush at another box containing the sample, that was already in Tunguskan control. A PSI-Cop on the left flank moved forward, trying to stop Jelena from reaching her fireteam, hiding behind some cover.

Lawkeeper takes down the Vostok

Jelena, sensing issues with the Nomad network, decides to launch her own worm into the O-12 network, and succeeds right away. She then cautiously moves across the PSI-Cops' line of fire, and makes her way back to her team. Grenzer jumps from the rooftop to a nearby shipping container to protect her from the Delta still in Tunguskan backlines. The rest of the Securtate in the fireteam surround her, and set up Suppressive fire. Heckler in the central building launches his Fast Panda to walkway over the Tunguskan sample, and leans out the door to stop anyone trying to grab it.

Securitate team protecting Jelena

Delta tries to round the corner to make a run on the entrenched Securitate team, but falls to an expertly placed Grenzer shot. The PSI-Cop moves up the field to the central building, and kills the Heckler who is keeping watch on the Nomad sample. The Lawkeeper then rides his bike to the Box, attaches it to his iron steed, and makes his way all the way back to the O-12 deployment zone with no further resistance from the Tunguska force.

With one of the boxes safe from the O-12 raid, Jelena extracts her team from the Spaceport, trying to figure out a way go get it off the planet with the main egress point being under constant watch.

Lawkeeper brings back the sample to O-12 backlines
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  • SpeculaKilla says:

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  • Lady Numiria says:

    Good report Commander!

  • Dr.D says:

    Man, reading this whole thing just reminds me that Epsilons are nothing but failures. I wish mine could just get the job done ONCE!

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    I love the Police tape around the Alpha lol!

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    Another great report, Commander! Keep up the excellent work!