Desperate Gambit

VS Nomads

The battle did not start at all the way the Shabh group would have liked. At first, the fiday failed to intercept the attacking McMurrow, then he himself was finished off by the enemy Lobo, although he lost consciousness from a return shot from a shotgun. Then the dogface ran to the motorcyclist and, if not for the timely reaction of two disguised operatives, killed her without receiving critical damage. But two shotgun shots in the back wounded the Scottish werewolf, and a stream of flame in the face completed the job – Zuleika did not die alone.
Then an assault group of three Geckos set in motion and the result of their actions was the death of the digger, Knauf and both hackers of the group, the second of whom was also a lieutenant. Farzan took command, but the damage done was enormous.
Having seized the initiative, the fighters of the Shabh group were able to inflict moderate damage on the enemy – Asawira knocked out one of the Gekkos, and Farzan shot the second in the back. The enemy’s retaliatory actions led to the death of Asawira, which knocked out the last assault unit that the “Shadows” possessed. The enemy occupied both antennas and the central Tech-coffin. It would seem that defeat is inevitable…
However, being in a situation of acute shortage of resources and fighters, the Shabh group was able to turn the situation around by destroying a fighter on the techoffine with a critical shot from a missile bot. And Farzan killed the enemy on one antenna and managed to hack the console at the last order.
The result is a draw after almost three hours of intense play.

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  • Shverter says:

    Thanks a lot. That’s right – after the opponent’s first move, I almost lost the will to resist – my troops were defeated, almost all the main combat models were dead. Therefore, I had to fight with what was left) This is what Infinity is great about – even from a very difficult situation you can find a way out.

  • Kampilan says:

    That is some very nice, dense terrain on the table. Sounds like a hard-fought turnaround from a rough start, well played!