Blood is shed

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VS Combined Army

Having been caught without the appropriate weaponry in their last conflict, the Tohaa command came prepared to Edda. Fielding two Taqeuls with Spitfires and a small army of Kaauri with Sniper Rifles, they weren’t being caught again without the right tools for the job. The Combined Army was assaulting the location and they had goods the Tohaa wanted to acquire.

They took to the field in Triads – A triad each made of one Taqeul, a Sakiel paramedic, and a Makaul each took one side of the field. Kaauri took positions on the top of nearby buildings. They weren’t sure what to expect, but knew that the Combined had a plethora of small, fast creatures that can overwhelm en masse, and they weren’t going to be having any of that. The Kotail and the Taagma took center field, disguising themselves as Chaksa, wielding Heavy Flamethrowers to deter anything from getting too close to their own box of highly desirable supplies. A Clipsos took to the field as well, positioning itself right next to a wall near the box, should anything get through the defenses.

The Combined showed up in force, led by Sheskiin herself. Bit & KISS were on the field as well. Two Unidron snipers took overwatch positions and a Med-tech Obsidon Mechanoid took the high ground with Bit and a Sniper. A Zabuk stood nearby, the Heavy Riotstopper on the ready to glue anyone in place that approached. The Shrouded held a midfield position, preemptively deploying a Dazer near their goods. A Caliban holed up on the midfield flank, hidden under Camouflage. Aida took a defensive position, placing Viral ordinance near the goods. And as expected by the Tohaa, give Gaki entered the field, ready to rush their opponent.

Jaan Staar made yet another appearance and slipped right into the thick of things, his impersonated eyes on “Dr. Wurm”. Without any hesitation, he advanced as quickly as he could through the Dazer zone and up the stairs to Dr. Wurm. He was discovered along the way, but remained safe and behind enemy lines. Closing in on close combat with the Wurm, He let out two shotgun blasts, catching both the Unidron Sniper and Bit with the attack, though Dr. Wurm protected itself from the shots. The other Unidron Sniper took an opportunistic reaction shot and hit Jaan, but he was able to shrug off the Plasma blast like water. A quick assault in close combat with his Viral Pistol ended the Wurm’s life. The Zabuk at the base of the stairs heard this commotion and made a dodge to get closer to Jaan and hopefully hold him in place.

One of the Kaauri took a few shots at the remaining Unidron Sniper and clipped him in a vital spot. He managed to remain standing for a short while, but his dogged state wouldn’t last. The Taqeul Triad on the left of the field advanced to discover the Caliban, who ultimately took down the Sakiel and the Makaul before the Taqeul could finish it. Slipping into a nearby building, the Lieutenant Taquel went into suppressive fire.

The Gaki rushed the field, most surviving their initial push, but one got rocked by the Kaauri and exploded far off from its target. One, seeing an opportunity, rushed the Taqeul in suppressive fire. Both the Kaari and the Taqeul hit the beast, but it managed to land a blow on the Lieutenant and it’s dying explosion knocked him unconscious.

Seeing this opportunity, Sheskiin pushed up the side of the table where the Caliban was and proceeded to Protheion the unconscious Tohaa Triad, getting shot once by the Kaauri in the process. She slipped behind a wall, peeking slightly after consuming her foes. The Taquel managed to regenerate enough to pull himself back together and get back on his feet.

The Tohaa weren’t out of the fight yet, the next Taquel in the Chain of Command took control of the battlefield. Jaan attempted to take out the Zabuk but he was unable to hurt his foe, and got hit with a Riotstopper in response. The Taqeul advanced to remove a Gaki from the field when a well placed critical shot from the Zabuk’s SMG took him Unconscious. Knowing that Sheskiin would be an Issue, the Kotail took out some Gaki along the way and re-holoecho’d to toss a single E/M grenade at Sheskiin, which hit the CA Lieutenant and short circuited her hardware.

With Sheskiin unable to command, the Combined Army was without their Lieutenant. Unable to shake off the effects of the E/M Grenade, Sheskiin was out of the fight. The last remaining Gaki advanced on the Kotail who took a wound fighting it off. The Zabuk tried to take out Jaan who took a wound from the foe’s SMG. Aida also took a shot at our hero who managed to block all three shots with cover. Seeing the exposed Taqeul that just got back up, the Camouflaged Shrouded advanced the field and took a shot with his Boarding Shotgun. He went down from the blasts of the Kaauri, but our Lieutenant fell back unconscious. As the Tohaa looked to regroup for a final push, the Taquel regenerated once more, back to his feet.

To prevent Sheskiin from getting the opportunity to try and Reset out of her predicament, the Makaul in the Taqeul’s Triad tossed eclipse smoke to block her view and the group advanced into the Dazer. They slowly pushed their way forward and attempted to assault the goods. The Sakiel attempted to approach the goods, but got melted by the Viral Mine placed by Aida. Aida, with the Light Flamethrower she entered the battlefield with, torched the Taqeul back unconscious. Unable to reach the goods, the Kotail went on Suppressive fire to fend off anyone approaching the Tohaa supplies.

Dropping from the Sky in just the right position, the Combined Rasyat was able to land safely and grab the Tohaa supplies without being assaulted. The Clipsos attempted to dodge into view but was unable to make the right movements.

Combined Army Victory: CA – 4; Tohaa – 0

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