Going Home

VS Yu Jing

Asura *Regrets* knew a commercial transport company operating out of a small auxiliary science facility near Bois Bleu. Reaching Lorena proper seemed out of the question, with the amount of random conflict around both Huaqiao and Bleriot Airport, and with Deva Argus’ condition worsening by the hour, expedient transport to Utgard seemed the best option.

Reaching the airport, the shuttle was ready, but the group encountered a Yu Jing patrol who seemed intent on impounding the ship for some unspecified, and probably wholly invented, smuggling charges. *Regrets* decided to take her team in, suppress the Yu Jing busybodies, and leave posthaste.

The team took the Yu Jingese by complete surprise, the Deva/Dakini fireteam wiping out a couple of support drones and a concealed minelayer before they knew what hit them. A hastily-requisitioned Garuda dropped in and got stunned by a warcor, but positioned itself well against future moves. Parvati and a posthuman proxy each picked up a boarding token, preparing to let the Asura and Argus on the shuttle.

The Yu Jing response started with a Tiger Soldier dropping in fairly far away, moving in to disabling the OSSS drones and one netrod. After a monk failed to throw smoke over the Garuda, a Hac Tao hacker tried to disable it quantronically, also failing. Frustrated, the Yu Jing Hsien braved the overwatching Dakini sniper and HMG, but got knocked out for his troubles.

At this point, the Yu Jing patrol decided that the freighter was not worth the hassle, lodged a diplomatic incident protest, and withdrew with their casualties. The OSSS contingent lodged a counterclaim citing unlawful attempted seizure, boarded the freighter and departed safely for Utgard, where Deva Argus could come under qualified treatment.

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