Chance at redemption?

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This was it, my chance at redemption having lost my first command to Ariadna. The mission was to scout Edda’s defence and capture the enemies beacon while protecting our own. Setting up a defensive hacking network and aggressive fire lanes it was time to let the enemy come and have faith in our superior fire power. The first glimpse of Shasvasti was Sheskiin, I order my Kamau sniper to fire *Bang* before being able to squeeze the trigger Sheskiin’s shots ring out and our sniper goes down. This was a big blow, one not easily recovered from.

The Alien Menace crept closer, trying to stay sneaky but our hacking network proved effective and stopped the enemies advance with a series of spot lights and flash pulses from the Fugazi bots and a very brave warcor who chose to embed and report back what they saw.

With my turn of action I ordered out Sierra Dron bot to open fire on Sheskiin, bring the full weight of a HMG to bare and cutting her to ribbons. As my Zulu Cobra advanced throwing out Jams to little effect we had gained some ground back and set up a good defence once again even though our Sierra had fallen Prey to the opponents TR Bot.

Sheskiin’s remaining comrades move up and our hackers manage to halt them in the tracks but not before Aida Swanson manages to find her mark in the form of our brave correspondent brutally murdering the press un apologetically. In revenge for their fallen sister the Kamau decided to show these alien scum what real shooting is and managed to start sweeping the field with combi rifles cleaning up the majority of the enemy, and again setting up a defensive position for our last push.

In the final moments of Shasvasti turn 3 a scan goes out on our Zulu-Cobra securing them a much needed point of intel. However it was time for Varuna to make a final push to that beacon. With only 1 Fugazi, A kamau paramedic and an Isolated Zulu-Cobra we had to eliminate the last of the defensive threats if we were to take the enemy beacon and although successful in threat elimination and a bloody reckoning that left the enemy forces wiped out, a lack of orders became apparent as we could see the beacon within arms reach but not having the stamina to pick it up.

My chance for victory and redemption would have to wait for our next deployment.

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