I call Shotgun!

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Combined Army
VS Nomads

A horde of Taigha creatures soared towards the enemy lines, mowed down in droves by the enemy combi-rifles but not in vain, as they began to create awful messes of the enemy line. An effort by the nomad’s Zondnautica saw yet another husk of Aida deleted in a vicious hail of chains. Despite the success of this, yet another Taigha creature successfully closed with the lines of troops laying suppressing fire, detonating their chain-colt and leaving the field relatively clear for the Nox hacker to obtain an ID, pass it to the Forward Observer, and send them skywards before the finish.

Some tense movement of remotes at the end dictated control of the control room, but the work was stymied by the lucky intervention of an Ikedron’s flash pulse.

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Combined Army