Yu Jing decides to join the party

VS Yu Jing

Battle Set Up

My round 3 in Polish Championship Satellite. After 10-0 OP win vs Corregidor and 0-10 OP loss vs MO I got paired against Yu Jing in Ziggurat Raid, which is a Custom Mission based around Ziggurats from Aristeia. I don't remember who won the Initiative Roll, but YJ was having Top of 1 and first Deployment.


Yu Jing Deployment Zone

Starting from the left we have a very safe Daofei, Long Ya (hidden behind a hill), Daoying, Monk, Bixie, Flashbot, Lunah and Zhanshi commlink. Far forward deployed camo is a Beasthunter.

Bakunin Deployment Zone

Again from the left we have Transductor, 2 Daemonists (Andy is the real one), MBH, Reverend Fireetam with Cenobite up top, Custodier on the stairs, Moira at the bottom and Kusanagi at the back. Chimera in the pit and commlink on stair leading to the pit. Furthest right was my other Transductor.

Top of 1 - Yu Jing

Active Ziggurat is one to my left in my half. Beasthunter starts off by knocking out my Transductor with a Panzerfaust and wasting the other on Cenobite. He then walks up to my fake Daemonist and gets to shoot both real Daemonist and MBH. Daemonists Dodges, MBH failes her shot and Cenobite takes out the Beasthunter. Last few Orders are used to put Bixie in forward position and Monk gets on the bridge to central Objective Room.

Bottom of 1 - Bakunin

I want to secure the Ziggurat and knock some teeth out, so I activate my Reverends. I barely managed to survive Long Ya's Flammenspeer and Hundun's HRL combined. I try once more and manage to kill the Long Ya. I climb down with 3 members of the fireteam and then Jump down with Moira while the rest Jump horizontally. On the way I kill the Monk with a single HMG Burst. Bixie hears me and Dodges to the pin in which the Objective Room stands. So I focus on taking out Lunah and chinese Flashbot and then relocate to accomodate for decent ARO. Custodier puts 2 Pitchers to hold off the Bixie.

How to almost lose a Reverend Fireteam
Safe relocation

Top of 2 - Yu Jing

Ziggurat didn't explode and the next active is to my left in YJ's half of the table. Bixie wants to dig out my Reverends and take out the Repeater, so she goes after the Cenobite and after some shuffling takes out the Cenobite and find an angle to shoot the Repeater. Then she goes out to fight both Kusanagi and Custodier. She misses her shots while getting hit by Custodier and Kusanagi's E/M Grenade Launcher and gets just Isolated. Daofei used the rest of the orders to relocate towards the bridge connecting YJ's DZ with Objective Room in the middle.

Bixie loses contact!

Bottom of 2 - Bakunin

Reverend go ham again. Now it's just a Haris, but it should be more than enough. I just went in for the Ziggurat. Kusanagi killed the Zhanshi and Moira got sights on Hundun and got rid of her just as well.

Reverends occupating YJ's DZ

Top of 3 - Yu Jing

Ziggurat explodes and Stuns my Custodier. YJ's Reinforcements deploy around my Reverends and Jujak just blast a them with 2 Orders worth of Boarding Shotgun templates. Daofei gets on the bridge and enters scoring zone.

Central site after Top of 3

Bottom of 3 - Bakunin

My Reinforcements drop and they've got plenty of Orders to chew through. Rounder kills the Daofei while everything else enter the Scoring Zone. I pushed one of my Stempler so far forward on the right (Copperbot proxy) to secure HVT. Prowler secured central Ziggurat and the rest of turn was for Chimera to kill the Daoying. She goes in with Eclipse on bridge, then another one on the straw bridge just so she can get on the same roof as Daoying. She has Discover in plans, but Daoying tries to shoot her. She and a Pupnik make their dodges and enter Close Combat. In the next order Daoying get's vaporized. I scored all the Objective Points and win the game.

Prowler securing Ziggurat, Stempler on the right Securing HVT and Uberfallkommando already far forward.
Close up on central YJ DZ
Chimera killing the Daoying

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