Cowering aliens

VS Combined Army

Battle Set Up

Mission was Troubled Theft played at Polish Championship Satellite. I got paired in 4th round against Onyx havin 10 TP from previous 10-0 OP wins and one 0-10 OP loss. Onyx won the Lt roll and decided to go first. I was happy to oblige.


Onyx Deployment Zone - left side
Onyx Deployment Zone - right side

Left side had Unidron Fireteam deployed together with one Nexus. Right side had the rest: E-Drone, Kurgat, Nexus and Kerr-Nau. Last 3 in Haris. Caskuda obviously out of the table.

Bakunin Deployment Zone

My right side held Stigmata with Oprhan in Duo, Moderadors + Riot Grrl 4-(wo)man Core, Vertigo in Prone under the Riot Grrl, Denma Connoly that rolled 8-4 MOV. Left Side held MBH with HMG from Booty, Morlock, Chimera and I got my Zero prone on the rooftop in the middle. The Console was inside the building which I forgot about and fought it's on top, so I was hoping for an easy 2 OP in single Order.

Top of 1 - Onyx

Unidrons killed my Riot Grrl right away. Caskuda dropped on the edge of Exclusion Zone without a roll. She grabbed Robin and walked back to Onyx's table edge. There Evo turned on the Fairy Dust and relocated Haris to cover Caskuda better. Lastly, Bashi enters through my table edge to threaten Chimera's Impetuous.

Caskuda after landing
Caskuda in defence

Bottom of 1 - Bakunin

One of the Pupniks died to relocating Haris and turret's got downed in the meantime. Morlock kills the Bashi with a Pistol and then throws a smoke on Kurgat's firelane so Chimera can launch her attack. I was considering just entering the table with Meteor near Caskuda and dropping missiles on her, but there was no edge where he could land safely. Chimera on her way to Caskuda had to throw 4 Eclipses so it took a while to get there, but once she did she could attack Caskuda with 3 dice against her Chain. I crit once and Caskuda drops to 1 STR while all of them get blasted away by the Chain and some plasma hits.

I still want to finish her off, so I push my Bounty Hunter. Since she rolled HMG I chose to keep her non-Impetuous. She uses smoke to get to firing position safely, where she sees just a Caskuda. One burst to drop her to 2nd Unconscious and 2nd Order to finish her off. Just to be safe.

MBH killing Caskuda

Top of 2 - Onyx

At this point either I forgot to take pictures because of the heat of the tournament, or just my mobile's memory crapped out on me again and didn't save the pics that I was taking.
Turrets got reactivated. One of them got taken out by a Kurgat and Nexus-7 grabbed the Robin and climbed up to E-Drone to lay down there in safety. Kurgat walked up the huge building next to his deployment zone and started firing on my Zero KHD that I believed was next to the Console already and to MBH. They both dodged out of sight and Kurgat was left there by himself.

Bottom of 2 - Bakunin

I drop Meteor next to E-Drone and proceed to Spotlight and GML down the rooftop, since Civilians now ignore the templates. I move Meteor in range to spotlight Kurgat and do the very same thing again. MBH kills Kerr-Nau and stays in Suppressive Fire in the building.

Top of 3 - Onyx

Reinforcements drop. 3 models are on the rooftop next to the Robin. One uses 2 Orders to civEvac her. Multi Rifle tries shooting my MBH and I win it with a crit throwin the Exrah off the table. M-Drone go into Supressive Fire.

Bottom of 3 - Bakunin

My Reinforcements drop. Lizard and Jelena in the middle, while Stempler is safely next to the Console. Morlock that was at this time next to MBH tries to go forward but dies to a turret. Denma goes 8" in Impetuous and manages to Chain Rifle Unidron witha a Plasma Rifle and Plasma Sniper Rifle. PSR goes into Dogged and the other dies. Stempler activates the console for 2 OP. Lizard kills one of the M-Drones. MBH drives forward to kill the other and threaten Robin (another 2 OP for tie as Onyx didn't activate their Console). Lizard now wants to clear way for Stigmata and dies to cumulative fire of turret and Unidron. Jelena goes forward but dies to a turret.
Stigmata then has to make a run for it. She destroys turret and MSR Unidron. Goes forward on the right side of Objective Room, fighting off the Unidrons and manages to get to the HVT ZoC in last 2 Orders having been -2 STR because of all the Plasma hits. I score 7 OP and my Opponent scores 4 just for Robin in his DZ.

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