Alpha strike

VS Combined Army


Bakunin Deployment Zone - right side
Bakunin Deployment Zone - left side

Scenario was Troubled Theft from Dire Foes 12. Combined Army won the Initiative roll and decided to go first so I took better side and deployed second.
In right Deployment Zone I had Stigmata with Orphan Engineer+Repeater in Duo and Chimera. Zero Killer Hacker deployed close to my Console.
In left DZ I had Riot ML with Paramedic on the roof, Commlink and Lietuenant below. Vertigo and MBH stood next to the Lieutenant. In front of the large red building I put my Morlock and Denma.

Combined Army Deployment Zone

Speculo Impersonated almost next to my Stigmata. Left DZ was populated only by Imetron that failed it's Combat Jump, Taigha and R-Drone. right Side had the other Imetron, Kerr Nau, Mentor Lt with his Decoy, Nourkias, Unidron Commlink and Ikadron. Shrouded deployed next to CA's Console.

Top of 1 - Combined Army

Taigha got deleted by a scenario Turret in her Impetuous Order

R.I.P. Taigha

Then the game started rolling downhill for me. Speculo grabbed my Stigmata's butt and rid of her in one CC Attack. The proceeded to shoot Chimera and Orphan while they failed all their Dodges.

Speculo ridding me off Stigmata
2 Shotgun Templates are next.
And CC with an Orphan to top it off.

Speculo turned back into smiley face and so did Nourkias. He then walked up to my other DZ to do his horrible stuff.

Nourkias approachin my DZ...
...considers going into CC with a Morlock for a sec...
...and then just jumps onto the red building while Denma and Morlock fail to Dodge after him...
...drops down to slash my Riot Grrl...
...and goes after Paramedic next

During all this my Morlock tried to get in the way as much as possible, while Denma just Dodged in place. When Nourkias dropped to attack Riot Grrl in CC Denma put a Wound on him from Chain Rifle. Once Riot Grrl was down he tried fighting the Moderator Paramedic but she managed to win the CC with him barely managing the save against Para CCW(-6). This is where CA's turn ended.

Bottom of 1 - Bakunin

Warbands ran forward in their Impeutous and I brought Zero to deal with Nourkias. After 2-3 Orders of hacking he gave up and I could pick Riot Grrl up.

Warbands run and Zero goes after Nourkias.

Paramedic picked up Riot Grrl and I reformed the Fireteam. Zero went back to the console in Camo and Denma relocated slightly to the middle. I still had to deal with Speculo. MBH went towards her but failed the Discover.

Top of 2 - Combined Army

Speculo does what Speculo does best. She goes after my other Deployment Zone. She ignores everything up to my Vertigo, which doesn't stand a chance. My Lieutenant manages to Dodge behind a corner, but she just follows him there and gets downed by Commlnik Moderator.

Speculo on my Vertigo Zond...
...and on my Lieutenant.

Shrouded went in to activate the console and then went after Robin Hook.

Shrouded by the Console

Bottom of 2 - Bakunin

Luckily Speculo failed her Regeneration roll. I try to revive my Lieutenant while in LoL and open myself to free hit from the Noctifer. I lose both Paramedic and Riot Grrl again.


Denma and MBH went to the middle to defend Robin Hook and I ended my turn there.

Top of 3 - Combined Army

Reinforcements drop. Caskuda shoots my defenders, and MBH dies, but Denma only jumps into CC with Shrouded.

Denma on Shrouded!

Kerr Nau decided to take on the turret, but died to it (LOL)

Turret the Invincible!

I think someone killed my Denma at this point and Shrouded fell back a bit to gain total cover from the middle.

Bottom of 3 - Bakunin

I still can Tie! I drop the Meteor for 2 OP behind HVT, but it get's crit off the table by Unidron with Plasma Carbine!

Meteor hits the ground (twice)

My Reinfrocements deployed in the middle so that I could fire at the Caskuda and follow it up with rush on the Robin Hook.

Reinforcements Deployment

Jelena tried her luck versus Caskuda, but got hit once. Lizard then started pushing. She put 2 Wounds on Caskuda and starteg advancing to position of Noctifer. 2 Orders of nothing happening and Shrouded just Dodging away, so with last order I go full on after the Shrouded and leave a single bullet for Noctifer. I lose 1 STR, kill Noctifer and end the game there. I lose 4-2 due to losing more Army Points.

Final shot of the game

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