Ariadnan defence

VS Ariadna


Nomad Deployment Zone - right side view
Nomad Deployment Zone - left side view

Another Ziggurat Raid Mission as a preparation to the tournament.
Chimera on the far right, Commlink Moderator and Vertigo Zod next to her. Further to the left we have Jazz, Fiddler with 2 Jackbots, Bashi disguised as a Secutiate, Heckler just outside of my DZ, Billie, Armand from reserve and Securitate Lt. Moran on the far left in the midfield.

Ariadnan Deployment Zone

Ariadna deployed a few camo markers outside of their DZ. In the DZ starting from the left we have Kazak Paramedic, Polaris Bearpode, Kosmosoldat and Chernobog (both from reserve), Commlink Grunt, Voronin, something Proxied by a Patcher, Irmadinho in the shadows and Polaris Controller.

Top of 1 - Nomads

I'm terrified of what Bearpode can do, so I start with a Chimera. Uberfallkommando move up the table to clear 2 camo markers. Presumably one of them is Chasseur and another is his mine. I manage to kill him in CC and Proceed going towards the Bearpode, but Paramedic sees me. Mine killed a Pupnik and Chimera got killed by a Paramedic. I didn't have enough Orders to make it safely across the field.

Birdview of the Ariadnan Corner
Chimera's run ended here

I decide to clear the other side camo markers with Moran. I get up close to the Camo marker that doesn't explode on my face. Instead it's a Chasseur that decide to Light Flamethrower me in the face. Moran shoots him back and both die in result.

Moran vs Chasseur

Bottom of 1 - Ariadna

I don't remember what Irmandinho rolled, but Ziggurat next to Ariadna's DZ on the right was active this turn, so he got out and went in to secure it.

Irmadinho securing Ziggurat

Now the thing I feared happened. Bearpode started it's run. Smoking view for the Armand he get's thorugh the corridor to smash Moderator, Vertigo, Jazz and Bashi respectively.

Bearpode in my DZ
Where Bearpodes sleep (ended their turn)

Top of 2 - Nomads

During my turn I put 2 Wounds on Bearpode but he was in Dogged so I couldn't really move my Fiddler without risking her being hit by him so I just went in with Armand shooting the Chernobog. And Heckler pushed a bit forward.

Bottom of 2 - Ariadna

With Bearpode down it was time to chop me up with something else. Bashi dropped in out of sight and after a couple of Orders of mind games between him and my Armand he got to my Securitate Lt, but failed to win this one and got shot back.

Bashi against Securitate!

Top of 3 - Nomads

I drop my Reinforcements. Im mostly planning to shoot as much as can with my Lizard. I start with Jelena trying to take on the Kosmosoldat, but she dies. So I keep firing with Lizard until he drops and then walk up to hit Chernobog.

Jelena vs Kosmosoldat
Lizard vs Kosmosoldat

Bottom of 3 - Ariadna

Ariadnan Reinforcements drop and just shoot a few things while taking the Scoring Zone in the middle. I lose my Puppetmaster. Some specialist controls the active Ziggurat (which again is right one from the ones near Ariadna DZ and I lose the game.

Final look on the Central Ziggurat

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