Panic in the Underwater Research Lab

VS Nomads

With Alarms Blaring and staff shuffling round, Gabriele and Watch Commander Lukas barge into the control room.
“Report, what the hell is going on” one of the Techies responses nervously, we… we’ve got a breach; the Nano mites from Sub lab B have broken containment….”
“What?! How” the watch commander responds.
With that De Fersen, pushes past and takes the controls, bringing up the camera logs he very quickly finds out who the culprits are… “Those Bakunin bastards” he responds.
“Commander, ensure the personal get to the safe rooms then we need to gather a squad and go deal to the intruders, they can’t get away with this…..”

The nomads with their rush to try escape the facility held the initiative and made the 1st move, whilst the military orders strike team set up a defensive line between them and the way out, forcing them to try seek refuge within the facility before being overcome by the Nanomites.

Turn one- Nomads:
The Bulk of their forces moved up to secure a dug in position under the cover of smoke to allow them to set up behind some crates to the outside of the panic room where they set up in a defensive formation to cover the entrance’s of the zone.
Whilst to the far side, a Riot grrl and a Fiddler moved closer ducking behind cover to keep their heads down. Though as she approached the corner of the door way, bullets shredded the steel just above her head, unflinching she returned fire dropping the Crosier that was poking out from just behind a pillar, killing him.
A small squad consisting of … moved into the panic room to set up a defensive position to try hold the door while their comrades were still outside.
Once the main squad was set up, they started to set up a network web launching a repeater towards the PanO Lines and Firing an EM grenade, bouncing it off a corner so it rolled down the hallway. Stopping at the feet of the 3x knights who were waiting in ambush…

Turn one: PanO
With the site of a grenade landing at their feet, De Fersen and one of the knights managed to jump out of its blast radius, however the doctor wasn’t as quick, his armour now shut down, trapping him in place until it could reboot. (-12 wip to reset :S) De Fersen looks over as he sees the Tikblang tag scan the nearby area, spotting the threats.
Over on the far side, A Teutonic knight hearing the thud as the body of the Corsier hits the ground, pushes forward to deal with the killer. Advancing, ducking a weaving along the way, managed to jump out of the way of an exploding plushy doll as he rounds the corner seeing the Fiddler. He proceeds to open fire, many a shot rang out from his spitfire but none found there mark, as both the Fiddler and Riot grrl moves around the pillar, evading fire and flipping off the knight, taunting him.
In his frustration of not being able to hit his target at range, decided to close the gap to try secure a kill in closer quarters, again the Fiddler avoided damage and managed to land a shot with her pistol as he approached, wounding the knight.
Back over to the opposite flank, the TAG moved to engage the threats, primarily focused on dealing to the repeater threat that it was now in a position to try deal to. Opened fire but a targeting error had him land the shots too high.
At this same moment, mother Agatha decided to show herself as one of the leaders of the rabble and fired at the TAG, landing a hit between the plates of its armored carapace. Only then did De Fersen witness something horrible as the TAG suddenly lost power, only to reboot shortly after, however this time its gaze was no longer looking towards the nomad team it was now turned towards him…. The TAG was lost….
In an attempt to retake the mechanized unit, he poked his rifle around the corner to try deal to the troops that had them pinned only to have a second grenade land at his feet…. That was the last thing he saw as his armour shut down….
Score: 1 : 0 ( +1 point to the Nomads for Dominating the Panic Room )

Turn two – Nomads
After Seizing Control of the PanO tag, The Reverend Custodier hunkered down behind the crates and began to take her new toy out for a spin before being locked out.
The Tikbalange turn its gun towards the Hospitaller knights and emptied the entirety of its ammo clip.
One knight whose armour was still functional tried to duck back into cover but in a cloud of red mist fell to the ground as he was ripped apart but the hail of bullets, The Crosier who was behind him, attempted to do the same, dropping the illusion, reveling he in fact was the Knight commander who was being escorted to the panic room. The Tikblange focused its fire, gunning down the commander. As it carried on arcing round, De Fersen was dropped to the floor, Followed by the nearby Fugazi Drone bot.
Carrying on the hunt, it pushed back into what was the PanO line when it spotted a Mulebot trying to move away from the robots rampage however is too was ripped apart with a hail of bullets.
At that moment the Tikbalang shut down as command had managed to retake control
after which, Mother Agatha directed her squad to push into the panic room as the Nanomites would soon be on their position. With that the Custodier shut her laptop and laughed as she looked over her shoulder at the TAG which was now being surrounded by the Nanomites.
While all this was going on, over on the far side. As the fiddler was dancing and dodging the Teutonic knight, a task master looks on. A Zellenkrieger anxiously awaits the command to join the fray. The task master looks down at the creature, giving a subtle nod. The creature cackles in excitement as he injects a stim and rushed forward breaking ranks from the group.
With blinding speed the Zel rushed the Teutonic knight dodging some covering fire for a Crosier overwatching the door way but failing to land a hit. The Zel in a blood thirst rage jumped the knight, ripping him apart.

Turn two – PanO
With the remaining forces scrambling to get a hand on the situation, comms were quiet, we need direction!!! Panic starting to set in.
The Crosier, fearful of the situation after witnessing the knight being overpowered he steeled his resolve and switched his weapon to fully auto, braced his weapon and proceeded to cover the doorway.
The last surviving Hospitaller knight, Oblivious of the current situation carried on attempting to get his armour back online, but not luck.
Once the Pilot had reconnected to the TAG, They got to see the current situation, As soon as it came back online, warning alarms blared from their headset, as its armour was being compromised by the Nanomites as they continued to eat away its armour.
Off in the distance, Mother Agatha was spotted as she was directing members into the room. After reloading the Rifle, The TAG sprayed a couple bursts of bullets while advancing towards their direction. The 1st narrowly missing her but one got her in the shoulder, but the second burst managed to land all direct hits, dropping Agatha in her place. However before spotting its next target and carrying on the advance, the TAG shut down as the Nanomite cloud had broken the units armour and was now dismantling its circuitry….

Score: 3 : 0 ( +1 point to the Nomads for Dominating the Panic Room, +1 for having a HQ character in the Room. )

Turn Three – Nomads
Having an overwhelming Dominance, the nomads were pretty pleased with themselves.
The Daemonist Lt was pretty confidant, leaving the safety of the Panic room moved towards the Direction of the Hospitaller knight. Spotting the paralyzed knight proceeded to summon creatures to attack the knight, eventually ripping the soul from the knight.
While an unhinged Zellenkrieger rushed towards the direction of the crosier, evading fire until reaching his dug in position leaping over barricade slashing wildly hacking him apart. …

Turn three – PanO
With no forces left the Nomads got away with their mission, releasing the tech weapon to infest the facility. Now all they needed to do was wait for their extraction team to pull them out…

Score: 8 : 0 ( +1 point to the Nomads for Dominating the Panic Room, +1 for having a HQ character in the Room. +3 points for having more victory points than the opponent)

Basically this one was a case of what could go wrong went wrong….
If I was playing DnD then it would have been a good time. The amount of 20’s I was rolling was mental; however none were at a good point, mainly the hit rolls.
Saves weren’t hitting either, lots of lows. Losing a Tag to it failing its 1st BTS save of the game… it was even buffed with fairy dust so the odds should have been in its favor…
Then the instant EM grenade fails also….
Tactically there were a couple of mistakes I made in deployment, I also should of stuck with my initial plan of bringing and engineer too.. But hey live and learn.
Despite the bad luck my friend is also very good at pulling apart my armies with his Nomads.
He’s nice enough to give you the choices in ARO, eat the hack or the mine or the bullets so no matter what your relying on some sort of save…
he builds his lists like a Swiss army knife, always having multiple tools for the job.
Sorry team…

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