Montalban 2: Electric Boogaloo

VS Nomads
Nidzilla sealed the game by climbing his Chimera on top of the crates and getting a lucky final order shot on my designated target.
In my final turn I tried to eliminate his remaining specialists, but Fiddler survived.
I ended Turn 2 by putting suppressing fire down to keep Nidzilla from reaching more consoles.
Captured my right console and revealed a decoy in turn 2.
Nidzilla's first turn he surrounded by Fiday with Pupniks and a Morlock, and they were all locked like that for the rest of the game.
Deployed my Fiday to try for an assassination run on the Moira because they gave me such a hard time last game.
Left to Right: Djan Sniper, Muyib, Mutt, Leila, Kaplan, Azra'il, Djan SMR, Mutt. Camo Farzan is barely visible next to blue building on right.

Game Summary

I won initiative and took first turn.

First turn I assassinated his Moira with my Fiday, and reimpursonated back behind the crates.

I took some shots at Pupniks with my Kaplan.

I moved the mutts up. I don't think I developed anything else.

Nidzilla spent a lot of his first turn trying to discover my Fiday and failing, but he did surround it best he could and moved his Core team into the center room and pushed that button.

My 2nd turn I tried to pick off his core team, but after sinking several orders into Avicenna I changed tactics. I ended the turn by setting up suppression fire. I maybe should have kept trying to kill his specialists instead. I also pushed the right button with my Farzan. I tried to kill the decoy on that side by sacrificing one mutt, but I think I should have left it where it was and used to Bashi to kill the decoy.

Nidzilla's turn 2 he killed a lot of my guns and maybe one of my decoys. He maybe revealed the 2nd decoy.

My Turn 3 I tried to kill his specialist and killed one decoy with my Bashi. I didn't get all the specialists and Nidzilla was able to mop up turn 3 and seal a 10 point victory.

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