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Razors_Edge through a curveball at me. I brought a list I lovingly titled TASK FORCE: PLASMA DRACULA because I wanted Nourkias and his Umbra friends to fight ninjas in thrilling melee, but instead there were all these light and medium infantry walking around. At first I was sad that The Lads wouldn’t be able to have a good duel and then the Domaru Butai pulled their katanas.

This was a really tense game. It started poorly, with my Unidrons trying to kill the Keisotsu fireteam across the board, but a 5v5 fireteam gunfight can go either way very easily and I lost some Unidrons. I then got real tricky and burned a bunch of command tokens to have the surviving Unidrons do coordinated fire on the Keisotsu, and I was able to break that fireteam.

Then, pushed up the board and wound up with my three-strong Umbra fireteam facing his three-strong Domaru Butai fireteam. This was the deciding factor of the game – the Umbra leapt back and forth over their heads dropping plasma blasts on them, but one of the Umbra died to chain rifle fire and the fireteam broke. Nourkias went solo and bounced around like the noble Gummi Bear and seized the JSA beacon, while the surviving Umbra continued to harass the heavy infantry below him.

The Domaru Butai pushed into the remaining Umbra, Nourkias no help whatsoever because much like his many spare girlfriends he has many spare Samaritans. This Samaritan then went to town – the first Domaru Butai threw himself at the Samaritan, a perfectly balanced face-to-face roll. Razors_Edge got a 3. I got a natural 20. The Domaru Butai saved against one of the DA hits, failed the other, and died. Another Domaru Butai, incensed at the butchery his fellow suffered, also charged the Samaritan and while the dice roll wasn’t quite as dramatic I still one and killed that one too – all hail the DA CCW/Martial Arts 4 combo.

At this point Razors_Edge conceded. There was no way for him to get to my beacon or even get Nourkias off his own beacon, and while neither of us scored our secondary objectives I still had a clear win.

To be honest, though, this was a close one. If my Unidrons hadn’t rolled quite so well on their ARM saves they would have broken early and lost me a lot of firepower, and if the Umbra Samaritan who ended the game knee-deep in JSA blood didn’t have No Wound Incapacitation I would never have chopped up the Domaru Butai. It really did come down to a handful of early rolls.

The Lads.
Who's this coy fellow?
The enemy. The dastardly Japanese secessionists, fighting for their freedom from Yu Jing. If only they could see the benefits of working with the Combined Army to liberate themselves...
Cat tax!
I forgot to take a picture pre-deployment, so here's the table with my models on it. The long catwalk in the middle was supposed to be set up that way for another scenario, but we made do. It wound up being funny that the beacons were in the open down a long cover-less walkway.
The Unidrons spent an embarrassingly long time shooting at what JSA trooper.
We'll skip ahead to the good stuff. Here the Domaru Butai close...
And one of them closes to point-blank but *not* base contact.
And here's why. Fortunately two Umbra dodged, another took a wound and went to NWI.
"Bet you thought that was real funny, eh?"
Funnily enough I'd hoped to kill that guy with a Unidron's missile launcher, but the Domaru Butai dodged it and jumped off the building.
So I spend some time bouncing back and forth dropping plasma on them. This cost me an Umbra, but got one of the Domaru Butai killed and the other two wounded.
While the other Samaritan handled murder-duties, Nourkias bounced to the beacon.
The penultimate dramatic moment. I didn't roll a nat 20 to kill the last guy and anyway I forgot to take a picture.
We're both critting on 15+ but my 20 beat his 3.

Back at headquarters Nourkias, the surviving Umbra, and a freshly-decanted Umbra relax to some chill beats:

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Combined Army

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