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This was our final game of the campaign and it was a finale with a weird score of 2-1.

Shamash tried their tactic of rushing the escape shuttle with EVO hackers but ran out of steam. We traded shots but ultimately I began grinding them down via Avatar rush. The Avatar stomped around picking off lone targets, and moved into the bunker. It failed to kill Atalanta and the remaining EVO hacker, and died to Atalanta’s ARO.

This wasn’t crippling, but cost me my big guns. Shamash realized they wouldn’t be able to extract any troops so liberally sprinkled shock mines around the escape pod. I didn’t have anything I thought could realistically tank those mines, so I opted to have the Charontid clear the Naga out of the bunker, leaving it uncontrolled, and I won with a pretty unimpressive but clear score of 2 – 1.

This was out last game of the campaign and I want to thank Shamash for being such an enjoyable opponent, and to Razors_Edge who didn’t get to participate as much as he usually does due to family visiting.

As it is the last game and my last report I’d like to encourage people to donate to Doctors Without Borders. Things are bad and will only be getting worse in various wars around the world and anything you can give helps. This is the link for American donations:*9hzdci*_ga*NDgzNTc5MTQ3LjE2OTgwMTY2MzM.*_ga_C7EW6Q0J9K*MTY5ODAxNjYzMi4xLjAuMTY5ODAxNjYzMi42MC4wLjA.

And this link brings you do links for MSF locations and websites around the world:*16grlhn*_ga*NDgzNTc5MTQ3LjE2OTgwMTY2MzM.*_ga_C7EW6Q0J9K*MTY5ODAxNjYzMi4xLjEuMTY5ODAxNjY2OS4yMy4wLjA.

The last ride of the dream team.
The enemy.
Dog tax! No cats visited us this time, but Holly hung out the whole game.
The Avatar started strong, picking off a few lone models, then whiffed it - if failed to hit Atalanta and the EVO Hacker just off to the right, then died to Atalanta's ARO.

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Combined Army