Black Sky - Okolnir Op 5 Cleaning up Breadcrumbs)

Trash Pander
VS Nomads

“Hythan, We have a leaky boat” Uxia said as she sharpned her knife, the whetstone singing out as it traced the blades edge,
“Some jumped up tunguskan interventor knows we offed the former head of black sky and has already began bidding on the infos release”

I rubbed at my temples, the shakes in my hand were gone now but the headaches they left could knock a bearpode sideways
“are we ready to move?”

“always Boss, I have a score to settle with one of their crew anyway” Uxia’s smirk was a sharp as her blades was, already felt bad for whoever
had ended up in her red book,

we were up in the air within five minutes, black sky and the ones closest to me lived in their gear, nevermind, this would be over soon,
We hoped aboard a nomad flyer, Moll had jumped at the chance to get her hands on flying it, smoother than the pano and yujing counterparts we had stashed away on Okolnir
but didnt lack any of their power.

“they are pingign us boss, wont be long before they figure out we are using old codes”


Interventor Zero Point leaned forward pointing towards the flyer that was coming in far hotter than a standard nomad approach vector “that flyer, whats it doing here?”

The hollowman paused as its user cycled through codes “Delivery, they are using an old code but it checks out, I was just about to clear them”

One of Zero Points eyebrows arched in puzzlement “…….Why?” he sighed

The hollowman pointed towards the flyer as it streaked in low and fast, “Look here comes the delivery guy now, whats that he is holding?”

Zero Point rubbed at his eyes “that…..Is a bag of hammers”

Chopsoar the bearpode leapt from the nomad flyer, He felt Like Santapode and nothing can stop a bearbode with enough Trench hammers for all the nomad children

OOC – This is a fun silly game, My opponent conceded after my first turn which, I travlled about 2.5 hours to get a few games in,
but he was beat from a night shift. sometimes thats just how it goes

saying that I dont think its ever a good idea to give up in infinity, as after I was done I moved to another table to help another player who had 6 orders left in his turn 2 I think
but we managed to eek out a 3-2 win against someone that was up full orders almost in their turn 2, more games have been won on clutch plays than i can count, anyway here we go!

Turn 1 Ariadna,

Uxia Over infiltrates and guns down the grenzer, He was a lone shooter and definitely would have benefitted from being in the hollow man link below him, I actually thought he was until we started roling dice or I would have said before, but the grenzer gets gunned down, did the “im in your half of the deployment zone” wip roll objective card then recamo’d herself

My Chernobog gunned down the flash pulse bot and the spitfire hollowman

Bearpode charged in, throwing grenades as he moved to trigger some dodges from the link team before smoking them, got into B2B with the hollow missile launcher and smashed it

My Opponent then conceded.

What could have been done?

I “think” raoul was in play but this happened a week ago and ive been super ill since then so dropping him in the fight the bearpode with the extra burst would have been fine, bearpode isn’t amazing in CC it just berserks things, still CC 24 of course,
Hollowman team really should have been spread out and feel its a good learning experience to just get smashed sometimes, hollows dont need to be in a conga line, especially with superjump, I would have had them scattered on all levels,

Grenzer should be well back and in the link team, He is just expensive fodder being left out like that and Uxia was more than happy to fight him, I was happy to make the trade with uxia,
the facing put the grenzer in an awkward spot, I moved out of LOS of it and if he discovers Ill try and shoot, if he idles ill just wait, I have the orders to do it, even if he went for the dodge Burst 5 auto pistols will probably win

This is a bit of a gear check I think, Vanilla Ariadna can do some really nasty things for pretty cheap,

We had another game that I might post up about but it went along similar lines but I gave my opponent first turn to try and prep for the bear coming

I definitely should have pumped the brakes on my turn and just left my opponent a bearpode to deal with in their half of the field instead just for practice as I wasn’t super aware of skill level, It depends though sometimes you just need to get thrown in, other times you need to set your own pace, As a personal learning point im trying to encourage players into the game and I don’t think this is the way to do it, Ill slap my own wrist for this one, It was a long journey and I was just eager to get going,

Chopsoar held the hammer over the interventor, nothing more terrifying in the sphere if im honest than him,

I walked through the carnage, chopsoar wasn’t clean and the smoke from the chassis of bots, grenades and the hollows filled my nostrils

The interventor was backed into a corner, desperate, his eyes pleading as I walked up beside him, slapping him on the cheek,
“I hear you were spreading lies about me”

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