Rescue our civilians

VS Combined Army

“Estábamos ecuchando la radio tranquilamente en nuestros comlog, ahí “run through the jungle” y “fortunate son” cuando la tierra tembló. Nos tocó pasar a los protocolos de combate y activar las armas automatizadas. Pero somos los fusileros, nosotros somos el ejército.”
-Soldier, Ion Fernandes Balboa “Rocky” after Fusilers were evacuated at their M113-P Transports-

As long as the Combined Army Arrives… we gatheres the troops, then splited into two groups Lt Seoane (ORC) with 4 soldiers (rifle, sniper, forward observer, medic and missile launcher) and a second one with Sgt. Woodward (ORC) with 4 soldiers (two rifles, hacker and LMG).
They wer supported by an Squalos and Both medics, Bipandra and Trauma Doc “Saint” Mary

“Esos cabrones aliens... se olvidaron de nosotros y empezaron a abrir fuego contra el Squalo”
-Soldier Marcus Ulloa, 112th of Neoterran Fusiliers-
The Combined army get the initiative. In the beginning there was a shoting when the AVATAR saw our sniper… she was wounded, fell unconscious… but survive!
Just only... to see how Amelia (Mr. Barcenas assistant) show a very big sword and…tear down the TAG with just two moves from that monofilament weapon. She was not a human, she was another shasvastii.
After killing our comms soldier, the Forward observer Johns with a single blow… lieutenant dodge and was able to get next to Bipandra so both joined our missile launcher soldier into CC gains the Speculo Killer.

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Combined Army


  • Tyrannotron says:

    Thanks and I took my revenge at the next scenery. (I owe you a better rapport)

  • thepoorman says:

    Well-fought, Tyrannotron!

  • Luisjoey says:

    Dont believe on alien truce! fight for what is right!

    Keep fighting !!!! now redeploy to EDDA! We must ensure the crusade to retake it

    Service grants a “FREE” Resurrection! DEUS VULT

    Father Knight Luisjoey