Processing Hub outpost skirmish

VS Combined Army

Mission: Looting and Sabotage
Opponent: Morat Aggression Force
Morat turn one: Morats took turn one, quickly moving up the board and grabbed one of the secondary objectives in the process. As well as rendering two Minutemen unconscious with fire from a Suryat HRL and a Yaohat MSR, but losing the Suryat in the process to return fire from the Minutemen with missile launcher.
USA turn one: Most of the USA force slowly moved up to protect the main objective, while on the flank a Devil Dog team and a duo of Mavericks pushed up fast. Losing both the Devil Dog and one of the Mavericks to ARO fire but not before the Maverick with AP spitfire took out the Morat Surat hmg lieutenant. As well as a Blackjack AP hmg taking out a hungry.
Morat turn two: Morats pushed up on one flank with Datarazi under cover of smoke, reaching up far and one Datarazi downing two Grunts.
USA turn two: USA held their ground for the most part while the Blackjack moved up, eliminating the remaining Datarazi, Anyat, and the Yaogat MSR. As well as grabbing a secondary objective.
Both turn threes saw no significant action as by that point both teams had lost their capabilities to achieve the primary objective and with both sides having grabbed one secondary objective each the match ended in a draw.

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