Operation Basketweaver

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VS Combined Army


Colonel Kraznitsky opened his datapad to review the mission briefing again. This time it seems to have been updated since they left Okolnir:

---Begin Mission Briefing---

Area reports and intelligence indicate some supply beacons from O-12/Combined Army at the following coordinates outside Edda. An interdiction team has been assembled and is enroute to the coordinates to acquire these supplies and contest any local force from recovering them. The potential supplies may prove pivotal in upcoming sorties for the QCC and Ariadna as a whole.

The coordinates reference an old storage facility, so there may also be further supplies we can acquire should the initial force be repelled. Keep your head on a swivel, you're heading into occupied territory where our forces have not traversed since the beginning of the conflict.

You're being sent in with some LAVs, some logistical trucks, and a MAV. Load what you can onto them and exfil as soon as possible. We're sending an Armata project along as well, to see how it performs as part of the longer range interdiction teams. The Dynamos will refuel using the logi's. After crossing the red line, we will be radio silent until you arrive on site.

Good luck comrade. For dawn! For Okolnir!

---End Mission Briefing---

Kraznitsky watched his GPS as they crossed this "red line," the supposed demarcation zone of "do not cross unless under strict orders to do so," to which shortly after his commlink alerted him to an incoming connection.

The voice over the commlink said:

Colonel, further intelligence indicates the Combined Army forces responding to this wayward beacon are belonging to Morats. Theyre known to be quick, brutal, and the love a good scrap. If theyre focused on the beacons, send the logistic crews into the facilities to take out what they can and throw them onto the trucks. Have your main team distract the Morats as long as possible. Radio silence until we reach out again.

The line filled with a brief low static, and then went silent. Kraznitsky sighed a heavy sigh in the back of the MAV, the 6x6 wheeled vehicle had transported him far enough since landing on this part of the continent, and apparently the motor pools needs more techs cause this machines suspension is rattling folks in this MAV all the wrong ways. At least it hadn't had to use its countermeasures, those missiles are brutal against atmospheric craft, but also mind numbingly liud to those inside the MAV.

The mission timer showed about 2 hours to go until they were on site, he figured he could strike a quick prayer, get a few swigs from his flask, and get possibly the last shut eye he would ever get.

The commlink went live again with the Dynamos and kazak troopers in the LAVs announcing eyes on the facility. The Ratnik and MUL were on one of the flatbeds; they were getting prepped by the operators in transit. All operators checked their gear efficiently.

Once the convoy crossed into the compound, the sounds of brakes squealing, shouts, and boots treading on abandoned soil and concrete filled the immediate area... and then the sounds of Hungries filled the air to the east...

Pregame and Deployment

Smaller supply boxes identified on the board, beacons identified. Combined Army won the Lieutenant Roll Off, deciding to take deployment and have Ariadna deploy first on the side of the board i was standing on. I chose to have the Combined Army go first. Ariadna deploying on the left, and Combined Army is on the right.

Classifieds: Predator
Ariadna: Net Undermine
Combined Army:

Deployment (Ariadna): I had my 2 FO Dynamos huddle on the right flank, the Traktor MUL sat in the back outside of LoS for most lines of fire, with the line kazak crew sitting atop the building in front of it. The Ratnik and his team of Frontoviks held a building on the left flank. The Scout was, well, a scout; deployed just inside my half of the table.

Deployment (Combined Army): my experience with fighting or observing the fighting of the Combined Army is rather limited from what my memory holds. I recognized a Daturazi, the Oznat with herd of Pretas and Ghakis, a Vanguard, and a Kaitok. Come to find out i got to experience Kornack (the big +2Lt order one), a Rindak, a some Ikadrons. Plenty of things I've both faced and not faced. The Kornack, Vanguard, and Kaitok castled on my right holding a wicked firing lane looking at the ratnik. The Oznat and a gaggle of Pretas and Ghakis held the middle as a core team, with the Ikadrons right next door. The Daturazi stood front and center next to the Rindak.

Ariadna Deployment
Combined Army/Morats deployment. Blue is Group 1, Red is Group 2

Turn 1: Morats

And this is where i learned how Combined Army is doing so well at Edda (or its just my inexperience showing, clearly). Daturazi impetuous move runs forward, throws smoke, immediately blocks the firing line between the Ratnik and Kaitok, awesome. I feel a little "safer" i guess. I shouldn't have. The daturazi proceeds to get the next few orders moving up, smoke, Cautious Move, more smoke, etc. UNTIL a slight misstep cause the ratnik to be able to shoot it when the smoke will not be able to interfere with LoS. The Daturazi goes down, but it got the smoke off, which was enough.

Next round of orders is literally just the Rindak getting cardio in. When my opponent forewarned me of this, i now understood. With all the smoke, the Rindak (through a series of move/move and a cautious move or two, was able to cross thw board, get my beacon, and run ALL THE WAY BACK into his deployment zone. Welp, plenty of poor placement on my side, and lack of MSV, woops. Live and learn. Last order was the Rindak going onto Suppression, cause why not.

Turn 1: TAK

Turn 1 (Ariadna)
Welp,the beacon nearest to me (and filled with the better supplies I wanted) is now..
gone. Swept away like my chances at getting the hyperpowers off of Dawn. Time to retaliate. Impetuous orders saw the Dynamo move forward towards opposing lines, and even managing to FO the Kaitok with an extra order. Next 5 orders were me stupidly raining down shots from the Katyusha launcher into the Kaitok. It went unconscious, right with a paramedic nearby, neat. 2 orders saw my scout move forward, go prone, and pass a WIP check (as an Elite troop) to get Net Undermine. The scout stayed prone and scuttled around a bit.

Scout and the completed Classified

End of Turn 1

CA gained 2 points for holding my beacon, and Ariadna got 1 for completing the Net-Undermine classified.

Battlefield State at the end of turn 2. Notice how both beacons are on the Morats side of the field. Clearly they prioritize cardio more than TAK does.

Turn 2: Morats

This turn was mainly the turn of the shepherd. The Oznat herding the Ghakis and Pretas around. My scout ended up killing a preta with a pistol shot and survived the ensuing explosion. The tide of gribblies managed to eat both dynamos through either chain rifles or with a DA attack that hurt. One preta was killed by the last Dynamo in ARO, the ghakis killed off by a Flammenspear template in ARO.

The vanguard paramedic revived the kaitok, much to my dismay. No orders spent on moving or shooting with the kaitok due to intervening smoke.

Turn 2: TAK

So this turn started off with the Traktor immediately launching more missiles. I NEEDED that kaitok at least unconscious. 2 orders of rockets actually saw it dead from a crit. This was great as it allowed my scout to actually do something. Scout re-camo'd, and advanced across the walkway, down the stairs, and next to the building the kaitok was on. The entire time (before re-cloaking and when it was revealed again), it slam-fired shots into the Rindak from its trusty Ohotnik. First shots caused a wound, when he dropped to No Wound Incapacitation and moved out of LoS. The second round was super cheeky, like a Rainbow 6 Siege pixel peek level of cheeky. Scout managed to thread the needle and drop the Rindak. 2 less points scored, nice!

The ratnik and team decided to fire at the oznat, who happens to not be on the field in a single body now after being shot with an AP Spitfire in a good range band.

The nastiest of pixel peeks. The Ikadron is prone by the way (didnt get an aerial shot of the engagement). Blue circle is the target

End of Turn 2

no new points awarded. Noone held beacons, no new classifieds were achieved.

End of Game

HOWEVER this IS where the game had ended. The store we were at was closing and boy are our time management skills a bit rusty. End game scoring saw Combined Army have 5 and Ariadna with 2. Note (for lore purposes) the supply crates were untouched.

Combined Army:
- 2 for holding beacon on Turn 1
- 2 for enemy beacon in deployment zone
- 1 for friendly beacon not being held

- 1 for classified mission (Net Undermine)
- 1 for friendly beacon not being held


Begin Transmission
Being Operation Report
We withdrew with what we could get from the facility, the logi drivers managed to get loose supply boxes of ammunition, some boxes of medical supplies, and a weird container of rations, which looked like weird dipping sauces mixed in with the MRE rations. Not sure what to make of it. The dynamo bikes were recovered after the CA presence was negligible by locals. The bodies were recovered before our exfiltration to the LZ.

Local command is not pleased with our performance, but it could've been a LOT worse. The Morats sent were clearly more focused on the supplies than wanting wonton carnage, which was a bit of a surprise to the AO Commander and command staff at HQ. The Ratnik test was negligible, not enough long-range data was gathered. The scout and dynamos, however, were able to get some more distinct traits from some of the Morats through their spotting and infiltration efforts.

Command chatter mentions something about possibly another engagement within CA held territory, so we shall see what that takes this battle group.
End Operational Report
End Transmission

Colonel Kraznitsky pushed himself away from his desk, the dim bulb from the desk lamp showing the kicked up dust from the action. His office was old, really old. It might as well had been an old broom closet given its size and the small porthole window he had. At least the window opened slightly to see the coastline. The Colonel remembered the flight back on the dropship, composing the letters to those who fell in service of Dawn and the Human Sphere's futile attempt to stop the Combined Army due to the treachery of the O-12 forces at Edda. The thoughts ran through his head of what he had to do for his next mission, which he was leading semi-remotely, working alongside members of the Kosmoflot on Bhai for a civilian extraction.

The sound of an incoming landing craft jostled him from his trance. The team left in under a day, just enough time to get any affairs in order, a final good meal from the chow hall, check gear, and shove off.

He wanted to know how long this would last. He went from fighting Antipodes in the steppes and forests of Dawn to fighting literal aliens on some planet he didn't even know existed in the span of a couple of years. He heard the campaigns, the false narratives the media programs have driven about this conflict with the forces of the Combined Army; and saw the reports from high command that show a different result. A small part of him wanted out, wanted to jump on a ship bound for who knows where; but that's not what Ariadnans do.

"For Dawn." is all he could muster to say before turning off his office lamp and letting out another deep sigh. Drawing the curtain on the little porthole window he had, gathering his datapad, firearm, and rucksack, Colonel Kraznitsky was about to depart on yet another mission.

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