Highway to Hell

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VS Haqqislam

Faced with distractions at Montalban, the 12th Armored ended up pulling from a wider net of assets under general O-12 jurisdiction when called to deal with a Hassassin presence at Edda. The O-12 team consisted of several Roadbots and bikes, figuring that a rapid assault force would be most effective. They were supported by a Lynx MSR in hiding, a Raveneye, an Alpha unit, two Varangians, and Ensign Katherine Cho posing as a Cyberghost.

O-12's forces arrayed for battle.

The Hassassin force once again featured McMurrough – note to Aleph: we should REALLY find whoever is cloning McMurrough. He is showing up at too many fights! – with a Fiday, some Ghulams and a Barid, and a Muyib fireteam featuring two HRLs and an Lt.

The Hassassin line.

Turn one was once again mine. With some luck, the varangians provided a smokescreen on the righthand flank of the field. Meanwhile, the Lynx MSR took one Muyib HRL down to Dogged. The Roadbot with Marksman Rifle took the other one to Dogged. Fearing taking unnecessary fire and overextending, the Starmada force did not push the advance, and let the Muyibs fall.

This proved to be a mistake.

The Lynx finds a target in the enemy Muyib.
The Roadbot chases down the other Muyib.

McMurrough came crashing through the O-12 line. While both Roadbots were taken out in single shots to rockets and panzers, McMurrough eviscerated the Varangians. He then crashed through to steal the O-12 beacon, and managed to lob a grenade onto the unsuspecting Alpha.

[CW: Gore] McMurrough eviscerates two Varangians.

Thankfully, Cho could take over command to keep the fight semi-in control. Unfortunately, the motorized bounty hunter had to spend several orders chasing down McMurrough. With most of the orders used up by the time McMurrough fell, a lawkeeper took forward position but nothing else happened.

The MBH hunts down McMurrough, who dodges away.
The MBH finally catches and kills McMurrough.

The Hassassins were able to close out the game by killing both bikers and leaving the rest of the O-12 forces quite far from either beacon. Their Ghulams and Barid were able to secure the scene.

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