Line of Fire - A sniper's tale

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Yu Jing
VS Combined Army

With our White Banner forces preoccupied with holding the HuaQiao regions, we deployed the armored divisions assigned to our command to assist our allies at Edda. We had received reports of further incursion by the Combined Forces after the region was ceded to them by O-12

As the Invincible division began approaching the space port by way of our own Embassy, our technical support advised of extreme levels of Combined chatter in the area. Settling into a defensive position, we set up to receive our foes.

Deployment –

The main core of our forces set up in a central tower overlooking the central Pailaou gate. We deployed a Haidao sniper at its head, and he was backed up by a Zhanshi Paramedic on the roof, a Zhanshi Hacker, and both Song-Be Missile launcher and a Pangling storage bot that we retrofitted with a light shotgun.

To the far left of the field, a Zencha hacker hid behind a building in Camo. Further down, our assault team was lead by a Hulang shock trooper, and a pair of zuyong warriors, one with medkit and the other a tinbot firewall.

In the central building, our Daoying Commander sat monitoring the field with his hacking device from his camouflaged state. And seeing a shady individual with a Yu Jing Press core badge approaching our central tower, we assigned Krit Kokram to lay out a repeater for monitoring, and keep a close watch on the press core representative.

Combined Army – Turn 1 –

A series of screams started, as nasty Taiga creatures began tearing onto the field on the left and the right. One in the central building was shot at but missed, while the others tucked into a building on the left, and a starewell on the right.

Things began with the Press core rep making a menacing face to Krit, before walking back around the stairwell he was on and hiding in the shadows. As if to distract from this movement, a Morat Rasyat landed back behind a far building. Torn between the two, Krit did his best to keep eyes on both, when the rasyat tossed a grenade in Krit’s general direction. While the grenade failed to go off, Krit reacted by dodging forward and tucking into the bottom of the stairwell.

Having a false start with their forward deployed attack force, our Sniper called out as a Combined bot rounded the middle corner of a building, and began to fire hacking nodes. While we would put our superior armor up against the likes of the Combined any day, its not worth allowing the enemy a foot hold unduly. The Haidao put the Robot down, but was unable to stop nodes from landing at his feet and over by the Food court building to the left. The Sniper barely registered the “Target Lock” alerts from his visor before being shelled from the back line and being rendered unconscious.

With all eyes on the building explosion, the Press Core assassin finally struck – We acknowledge Krit’s service, and his superior reaction time blowing a hole though the Speculo assassin, but the rest of our forces could do nothing but watch them both fall immobile in the dirt in front of the stairwell. We also acknowledge that stray fire from Krit removed the Repeater from our space. Though as our Daoying reviewed the damage, information was reported to the tower defense team that life signs were still being read from the Speculo as it picked itself up, and eye’d the tower with intent.

Invincible Army – Turn 1 –

Refusing to let Krit sacrifice himself in vain, the remaining members of the tower defense readied itself to deal with the interloper. Grateful for our own field modifications, the baggage bot came around the corner, dropping 3 short blasts from the light shot gun, and permanently removing the Speculo from the field.

However, our remote operatives are not quite as spry as our flesh and blood soldiers. So, hanging a little too long in the line of fire let a spray of desperate fire from a Morat operative in the high tower of the food cord get lucky, piercing the control board of the robot and rendering it inoperable. However, it was able to provide enough of a distraction that the Paramedic on the roof was able to revive the Sniper with adrenaline shots.

It was now time to repay the aliens in kind. Our Daoying Commander issued the order to advance, and our left field strike team began the advance. Spearheaded by a heavily armed Hulang Shock trooper, the trio raked fire against a out of position Taiga Solider, as well as putting one into Morat in the tower. Though heavily bleeding, we saw him ready a pitcher launcher in haste. Not wanting to further risk our strike team, the resurrected sniper was waved in, and put the alien ape down. But not before it was able to get another pitcher far too close for our strike teams liking.

It was then that alarm bells went off across our comms – our systems detected AI incursion into the network as a Combined warframe, designation Anathamatic, uncloaked on a far building. Before the warnings could full register, our monitoring system lost connection to both the Hulang and our firewall – protected Zuyong brother. As Krit was our only true technician, we could only rely on visual reports by our Zuyong paramedic, and our brothers could only rely on their State Empire training going forward.

With our approach fully blunted, the strike force hugged cover, the last uncompromised Zuyong slipped into a suppressive stance, watching the approach from the left and right side of the Food Court. The Zhanshi hacker moved around the corner to begin scanning for the Rasyat, who hadn’t moved since throwing the grenade, but was still visible on our scanners.

Combined Army – Turn 2 –

We watched in horror as the sounds of the Combined missile launcher sounded again, and our Hulang operative was reduced to little more than a Crater in the earth. But there wasn’t much time to reflect on the left flank before our Zhanshi hacker yelled out that the Rasyat had begun its approach. He was quickly silenced with a blast from the Rasyat, who moved quickly to capitalize on his death.

He threw another smoke grenade up on the roof, and ascended quickly to attempt to handle our Haidao Sniper in melee. Scanners were unable to record the battle clearly, but a large explosion was heard in the black, followed by much cursing by the Haidao, showing he was, at least, still standing.

Scanners from the Zencha, still in hiding, alerted us to another alien presence. This enemy, code named Sheskiin, came charging around the far side of the Food Court, looking to clear the left corner and move on what’s left of the strike team. However, the blessings of our State Empire abound, as the Zuyong in suppressive fire was able to weather the hail of bullets that came his way and get one shot though the left eye of the Operative. As Sheskiin dropped to the floor, the Daoying controller made a note to update State files on the lethality of that operative or lack thereof.

There was a panicked shriek that came from the smoke on top of the defense tower. But as the smoke began to dissipate, a single pistol shot rang out, and the Haidao emerged over the corpse of the Rasyat to once again take up his position on overwatch.

Invincible Army – Turn 2 –

The Daoying sounded an all out assault on what’s left of the Combined forces. The Zencha, the Daoying, and the Last zuyong in good shape began to coordinate an approach. Getting into position. They cleared the last repeater, with the Daoying getting into position to gather tracking data off the Unconscious Taiga Soldier’s ident chip.

The Zencha bravely moved forward, and while getting into position of the enemy becon, was unable to find a moment to decloak and begin an assault. So, it stood it’s ground, and prayed the opportunity would present itself. The Encryption on the Taiga ident tag proved problematic, leaving the Daoying in place to attempt its scan again shortly.

Combined Army – Turn 3 –

We began to notice erratic movements among enemy forces. But what looked somewhat ramshackle did at least create a defensive barrier to attempt to receive us.

The Zencha was able to put down a drone with a flame thrower, hidden beyind a potted plant. However, our sensors noted that the hacking implants the Zencha was equipped with began to over load. Life signs ceased, and the Zencha slipped to the ground in death.

The Enemy missile launcher, no longer able to rely on target locks, came around the corner, and was rendered inoperable by our Haidao sniper. We have already uploaded his file and record, and request State commendation for his performance. He is a credit to the State empire.

Invincible Army – Turn 3 –

Finally breaking the Encryption on the Taiga Ident tag, relevant tracking data was send to HQ so we could review, and attempt to figure out where this incursion force was coming in from. We hope our efforts on that front will provide command with a better grasp of the situation in Edda.

That said, we knew that capture of the enemy beacon would provide infinitely more intelligence than the ident marker. Our Isolated ZuYong attempted to move into a better defensive position but was unable to get a visual on enemy troops. With no ability to know what was lurking behind those edges. Both the Zuyong Paramedic and the Dao Ying made a go for the beacon. However, both were unsuccessful in their attempt, leaving us with just the Ident tag data for our efforts as the rest of the Combined forces withdrew.

Final Score – 2 to 1 – Invincible Victory

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