Operation Chambal 1 - OSS vs PanO


CONTEXT: Off the coast of Montalban is the BETWA facility; named for the Indian river flowing from Madhya Pradesh to the ocean. Betwa is a Category 3 site, meaning that it falls into an area between public and private. The structure is owned by O-12, on a renewing lease by the state of PanOceania, which in turn leases it out to several corporations – Startecto, the Harta Karun Group, and Prassad Heavy Industries.

Research done at the Betwa facility is all within the remit of the O-12 lease. Concilium Prima’s aquatic life remains a source of fascination for most, and horror for the rest. The Omegafish – gigantic creatures that grow to be hundreds of meters across and similar to Earth jellyfish – are some of the most terrifying and titanic creatures known to humankind. The largest ever was nearly a kilometer across. All of these super-jellyfish have toxins that they use to kill prey (after luring them in with bioluminescense mimicking the colorful patterns of algal bloom), and the largest specimens presumably have enough toxin to kill a small town.

Betwa Alpha is the research portion of the labs; Betwa Beta is the administrative and infrastructural portion of the facilities, much closer to the surface.

Prassad Heavy Industries, as according to the FCD (Financial Crimes Division) appears to be using algorithmically-enhanced moves to manipulate the stock market. This would normally be referred to O-12 and Bureau Ganesh, but it appears that the stock market manipulation is being performed by a series of corporations – all being run by “BLACK BEAK,” a prototype AI.

OperationS is deployed to Betwa Beta to find “BLACK BEAK,” secure the site, and copy any research data for possible court dates.
Prassad Heavy Industries Security, “PHIS,” is ordered to eliminate the OperationS intruders, record activity, and copy any research data for possible court dates.

OSS goes first, deploys second.
VIRD goes second, deploys first.

OSS drops a Marut TAG, posthumans (MK2 and MK5), support units, cheap Dakini team with a Deva MSV2.
VIRD drops a Squalo TAG, ORC haris, Bulleteer Spitfire, and full 5-man fireteam of Fusiliers with Kamau HMG.

OSS goes first, moves up, takes positions strategically. Moves into Panic Room with Dart.
VIRD goes second, moves up, plings at enemies. Moves into Panic Room. No major changes. Kamau HMG goes down, but gets up from paramedic.

OSS moves to assault. Marut TAG fights against Helots and severely impacts the Fusilier fireteam, killing several. ORCs are killed by Dart. Not enough orders.
VIRD moves in with the TAG, taking out the cheap Dakini fireteam one at a time, including the Deva. Marut destroyed.

OSS struggles with orders. Marut repaired and used for further order degradation, but unable to change momentum.
VIRD moves fusiliers into panic room as second wave. Kills most of the remaining troopers, manages to get a tie.



“Captain Prathiba Prassad reports that the Beta facility was too badly damaged to continue use, but the OSS unit has been mostly dispatched. The enormous expenditure of resources will significantly impact the bottom line. Captain Prassad sends a message to the rest of the Governing Board to continue BLACK BEAK.”

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