Operation Chambal 3 - PanO Vs Nomads

VS Nomads

CONTEXT: Off the coast of Montalban is the BETWA facility; named for the Indian river flowing from Madhya Pradesh to the ocean. Betwa is a Category 3 site, meaning that it falls into an area between public and private. The structure is owned by O-12, on a renewing lease by the state of PanOceania, which in turn leases it out to several corporations – Startecto, the Harta Karun Group, and Prassad Heavy Industries.
Research done at the Betwa facility is all within the remit of the O-12 lease. Concilium Prima’s aquatic life remains a source of fascination for most, and horror for the rest. The Omegafish – gigantic creatures that grow to be hundreds of meters across and similar to Earth jellyfish – are some of the most terrifying and titanic creatures known to humankind. The largest ever was nearly a kilometer across. All of these super-jellyfish have toxins that they use to kill prey (after luring them in with bioluminescense mimicking the colorful patterns of algal bloom), and the largest specimens presumably have enough toxin to kill a small town.
Prassad Heavy Industries, the primary lessee of the Betwa facilities, is currently under investigation by the OperationS subsection for market manipulation using a pseudo-AI called “BLACK BEAK.’ This information has leaked to Midnight Sun Analysis Group, which has suggested a team from DRAGNET sortie in order to remove it – after all, a number of Nomad business interests and groups have been harmed by the BLACK BEAK project’s market manipulation, not to mention the chance to free an AI and take a juicy look at some biology research!

SITREP: Betwa Beta (the surface level facilities) and Betwa Gamma (offsite admin) have both been rendered inoperable. Betwa Alpha, the underwater research site, must be protected at all costs. Biodomes and organic research facilities, as well as the remote backups for the BLACK BEAK system, must be protected at all costs.

Nomads win deployment, choose table edge and deploy 2nd and go first.
VIRD chooses to play 2nd, deploy 1st.

VIRD deploys an ORC heavy team (the full salvo – MULTI rifle, Hacker, shotgun, feuerbach, patsy garnett), a Montesa knight, and a Kamau support haris.
Tunguska deploys zellenkriegers, denma, a light core, and bounty hunter haris.

TJC moves Denma into room, attempts to kill Kamau sniper, and loses the dice. Resorts to using White Noise zone, which forces team into hiding. Moves Zellenkriegers into commanding position outside the room.
VIRD: Move ORC team up on the right, bully and eliminate almost all the Zellenkriegers and bounty hunters. Hackers and Hecklers slow the advance. Move Knight of Montesa inside.
TJC: Zellenkriegers break and enter. Some resistance is met, and the room remains a tense condition.
VIRD: ORC heavy team moves into room, backing up the knight and eliminating most of the units along the way. Order-starved but desperate, VIRD ends commanding the room.
TJC: Gambits pay off; a mixture of hacking, Jelena Kovacs, and close-quarters combat from a berserking Zellenkrieger whittle units down to two ORCs and the support Haris.
VIRD: A little lucky work from the fusilier paramedic returns an ORC to combat duty, allowing for some painful play (really agonizing to figure out how to move, dodge, and shoot in close quarters). Unable to manage to get in, TJC loses.

“Captain Prathiba Prassad would like to inform the board that she is co-owner and owns 33.3% of the shares in PHI, making her the plurality shareholder. Purchasing the M19 “ORC” private-industry version has proven worth the time and money, and Prassad would like to request additional procurement of the ORC design. Tunguskan bankers will be making moves to attempt this again.”

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  • Cypher says:

    TJC will get our revenge on these villainous VIRD forces. Each defeat just makes our predictive analytics better!

  • Luisjoey says:

    What a good batrep! Cheers

    Keep fighting !!!! now redeploy to EDDA! We must ensure the crusade to retake it

    Service grants a “FREE” Resurrection! DEUS VULT

    Father Knight Luisjoey

  • theGricks says:

    Great looking minis!