Into the Unknown

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Combined Army
VS O-12


This battle report will be a bit brief as I played it 7 days ago and memory is hazy on exact happenings during the match but il try my best. We tested out the new resilience operations and I got to say I really liked them.

We played with Night fight and annoyed civilians with stun pistols.

Battlefield, Blue area is where i have my lonely flash drone and Daturazi haris inside the building. Red is my Core with all the guns

As there is Zeta on the right flank in suppressive fire that makes the approach almost impossible. I tried to check if I could get my Yaogat to take it out but there was no shooting lane I could take that was over 24” and my sniper has limited movement as I deployed it on the roof, I decided it was time for smoke parade and deal with the core link first. I moved up towards the left flank and smoked my way up successfully without missing single smoke. My daturazi moves out from the smoke and gets to land templates over 4 targets but unfortunately only end up killing 1 iirc. Daturazi gets vaporized as part of the move as expected.

During my smoke parade I unfortunately forgot to do the most important thing witch would have been landing few repeaters with pitchers to deter the coming Zeta run but I forgot to save orders for that and that ends up hurting quite a lot.

I did spend my last orders to move up Kyosot and put it on suppressive fire towards the middle of the table.

Core link (RED) moves up after surveying potential targets. i forgot to land pitch on Zetas (YELLOW) path
Choo! Choo! Smoke train incoming!
And to land those juicy 3 templates with only mild results ;D
This is roughly the end of my turn one. (YELLOW) two remaining Daturazi, (RED) Core link and (BLUE) my suppressing Kyosot

So, the expected happened and when I get to start my turn 2 I get my reinforcements on the table, I lost all but 1 Daturazi and my core link got mowed down to Suryat, Dartok and my Spec Op. Kyosot didn’t last past first order to the core link of O-12 witch was bummer. My Vector operator takes down the epsilon who was moving up the field and was without cover. Caskuda tries to move up but gets glued, so I spend more orders to get it moving again and my reinforcements fail to do any significant impact on their arrival turn. Dartok however goes to work and managed to possess Zeta which ends up killing at least Sekudroid and the last remaining Varangian before parking itself back to my repeater area.

Vector takes down Epsilon (yes i know it looks like Shasvastii ;D)

My opponent brings back Zeta under his control but must spend few more orders to make sure zeta is safe to move because of the repeaters. Reinforcements remote goes and deals with the repeaters but dies in the exchange thanks to my Suryat. Zeta goes and takes down few shots to take Caskuda down but didn’t manage to down it completely. We exchange few more shots back and fort but once the dust settles down, we both managed not to read our goals properly and only manage to score meager 2 points. Game ends in draw.

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