Why does that box have a shotgun

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VS Ariadna
Trash Pander

Well this campaign is my first dip into infinity since N3 days

can I ask what has happened haha!

Fricken space bears, tags are good now, so is gml and limited combat groups?

You don’t play infinity for one world ending plague and everything changes,

I wound up back at trash’s place again for a big game now that he has brought everything down from his loft, smashed together a list and borrowed a chimera,
then started throwing some dice.

I win the roll of to go first,

Wawoul 1

I spread around my units and place my kriza on the far right, reaktion zond on a building and reserve my chimera.
trash the places a literal box on the roof overwatching my chimera, he explains how the roll works and that it is most likely uxia considering it passes on a 16,

Now if I move the chimera, im worried he can fanagle a template onto the moderator, its my LT, I try discovering wit a moderator, jaguar and Samsa all fail,
Finally i just deicide to move the chimera and the resulting exchange is the chimera goes down, samsa kills uxia and the evader brings it back up again,
I have a few order sleft so chuck a koala out and move the chimera into cover.

Trash Pander 1
He gets into a fight with my reacktion zond with his tag, it goes straight to dead with a a crit and two more hits, the desperado shoots up the road, cracks open the box for dharges swings around to drive by my chimera then turns back and demolishes my AC2 with a crit…..

Wawoul 2
I make a dash with the digger but he just gets laid out by the msv1 sniper, stupid play but I wasn’t sure how to deal with all the mines guarding the AC2
Then I send in carlotta putting her in a position outside of lof she kills a rokot, volunteer who alerts, then I push her around the corner hoping to just get rid of the engineer guy and maybe forcing the camo token to reveal, fully expecting to lose her I template with her lft and kill them both and carlotta survives the exchange. my hero

Trash Pander 2
I have chosen….wisely the rokot I killed in passing was panders LT, the chernobog comes for carlotta, I had left her out in the open but pander mentioned I had more movement I didnt use and shover her in cover. this allows me to crit the chernobog in the firefight and I sneak a wound through, elation that quickly evaporates as the tag walks round and double templates carlotta into super death.

Next though…. the bear, that thing is a total menace, in our practice game it felt next to unstoppable, I love it. it charges up the side of the building kills samsa, hucks a grenade at billie then comes down to pick a fight with my evader but at that point pander has used all of his command tokens flipping things,
Some minor moving about and something goes into suppressing fire, I think

Wawoul 3
I move the kriza back and gun down the bear, many bullets being its one weakness but it does take 2 orders
que the I need a hero music as my only play is to race the evader to the ac2 I can maybe get one or two order son there if it it survives to bonk with dcharges,
it avoids e/m mines, normal mines, picks a fight with a cherno bog, wins it and finally, I have 1 order left, the ac2 is in range, I move into b2b, a panzerfaust shot goes over the evaders head, and I roll the dice rolling a 16 to crit,

My turn. pander rolls the save and makes 2 out of 4 keeping it just alive and im out of orders

Trash Pander 3
He kills things, my evader dies, my kriza dies then scores a card we end it there

7-3 to Trash Pander

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