The training session went bad... real bad

VS Nomads

The training session between the forces of Haqqislam and the Nomads is starting by the Nomads, searching for the HVTs from turn 1, Mary problem is installing her repeaters and go back to hide herself near some civilian. She’s trying to killer hack another hacker, but it discovered an Hafza under its holomask. Well, seems like Mary wasnt happy about that and decided to target the Hafza.
The Hollowmen progress and dominate the map from the upper levels while Fiddler and her cheerkillers are waiting on the side to cover any incursions from Haqqislam assassins. Having an eye on a civilian, they performed and succeded an identification, its an enemy! “Lets first get rid of the biker first”…. he dodged! “Well, good buy civilian! You chose the wrong side”

The Nomad rocket launcher is getting ready to throw some missiles and does it on the poor targeted Hafza. That's a total destruction.

Haqqislam troops are getting ready for action, the Djanbazan who arrived with its parachute put himself close to a bridge, but he's definitely not used to arrive from the air, and makes a lots of noise arriving, bringing attention on himself by the cheerkiller on the bridge...

Al Djabel is going up, trying to get to a cheerkiller and assassinate her, but by revealing himself he takes some shots that kill him on the spot, he had time to use his knife but he failed, injured by the bullet he couldnt finish his job and died on the spot.

The Kum that dodged a bullet before decide to go to a suicide mission to throw some smoke grenade, he success.. for both dying and throwing his grenade. Its time for the Djabanzan to get out and shoot threw the smoke grenade with his AP Sniper rifle, Mary Problem is in the lens, HEAD SHOT DEAD!... Unfortunately, the cheerkiller that heard some noise earlier could also shoot dead our poor sniper. head shot dead... yeh... well....

Tarik progress, cover an HVT, a Kum try to destroy the repeater that was earlier put by Mary... two hits, but the thing is made of crazy armour it seems, unbreakable!
The Nomads keep their progress, the pitcher in the hollow men fireteam is deploying a repeater near the HVT that is close to Tarik, Fiddler is activating her wheel at high speed to get to the console, letting Tarik seeing her for a second, he shoot, but miss and the Nomads are discovering the HVT, spotted and under the repeater, he get targeted, the missile launcher is doing it's job again, the HVT explode, with Tarik who was next to her.

The sergeant Muyib wants to take revenge for Tarik, he gets his heavy rocket launcher out and shoot in the middle of the fireteam, a hollow men is injured, another died...
The Hakim arrived from the airs, next to an HVT, he discover her, shoot and kill, it was the important target, good job soldier!
The Djanbazan try to heal his wound but cut his leg instead, killing him for good this time.
The Hassassin Nadhir reveals himself, down the stairs, he's just right on the spot to target one of the hollowmen and go back to hide himself, the Shaytaniyah is doing the rest of the job, exploding the previous survivor of the explosion and killing Fiddler.

The Nomads dont like that so much, and this Nadhir was going to pay for it, jumping from the windows, on both sides, it's too much to handle for the Hassassin that dies on the spot after that coordinated attack. Giving some time to the Nomads to finish the last civilian.
The battle seems lost, but we dont want to leave alone, the Barid hacker wants to throw its last repeater for the Shaytaniyah to finish the job, but... getting into the opponent repeater, he got frozen.

The battle is over, hope this training session is going to help our Nomads allies to keep strong on the marina!

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