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Yu Jing
Yue Fei
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Sir Wall

"Hello and welcome, this is Erin O'Nealz reporting for Sixth Sense News with an exclusive interview with Armand LeMuet, famous sphere-wide as one of the most dangerous snipers you could face up against and, I'm surprised to hear, a musician. LeMuet, how long have you been in the music business?"

"Huh, longer than I've been in the shooting business. Longer than I can remember."

"Somehow I've never heard of you before. How's it going? Have you managed to build up much of a fan base for your solo act, LeMüeterhead?"

"I'm hitting some ����ing speed bumps with this Quantum Anomaly nonsense. I relaunched my career last month with new songs and merchandise in Edda. 30 day contract at the Mountain Grill. After I'd been playing there two weeks the only person who came to see me was a Hsien Agent. I guess it's hard being a Tohaa musician these days, so I'm a hired gun with the Durian Investigation Unit again for now."

"We're hearing that Tohaa Glam Metal band Symbiobomb are actually experiencing a surge of fame with their new album 'The Neon Beast'. What do you think about those pretty rock 'n' roll stars?

"Good luck to them if they're pretty. I wish I was."

"But you've been playing much longer than them. Aren't you worried that they've stolen your act as a Tohaa Heavy Metal band?"

"Hrrm. Doesnt' really matter, maybe they'll do somethin' I can copy later. For now, I'm getting paid to shoot any of those Triumvirate bastards I can sniff out. It's a pretty great deal. And I'm done with these ����ing stupid questions. You promised you'd buy a ����ing t-shirt if I talked to you, now pay up."

"Well, that's the end of our interview with Armand LeMuet, the sniper you don't want to see across a battlefield! Also apparently the lead singer of LeMüeterhead, who you might want to see even less than that! Next for all our listeners, my trusty CameRaccoon will be attached to a Durian Investigation Unit task force as they fight against an illegal Pan Oceanian Military Orders incursion into the Experimental Energy Research Center at Huaqiao. I'll be waiting at a safe distance to see what his footage captures!"

[This was actually a 250-point game, to let Sir Wall fit in all the expensive MO toys that he wanted to bring. We rushed the start a little and I missed a deployment photo, so some of my models are out of position in this shot. The mission was Power Pack, my Yu Jing chose deployment and MO chose to go second. One interesting deployment glitch was that the reserve drop of the Knight of the Holy Sepulchre put holoechoes blocking LoF between the Dakini and the HRL order sergeant posted for ARO duty.]

Yu Jing started with covering fire from the Dakini through the saturation zone. Splitting shots, the Dakini was able to shoot a crosier on ground level, but failed to take out the Fugazi and remove flash pulses across the midfield.

[ The Dakini and Warcor were in a pool of their own, so despite spending O-12 prestige and the warcor order on the Dakini, it ran out of orders and just set up as an ARO piece for my reactive turn. ]

Opting to focus on the mission, the Kuang Shi link moved out, putting smoke on the central Antenna. Adil moved up and activated it, somewhat surprised when a Trinitarian Forward Observer dodged out of hidden deployment in front of him, hoping to prevent further movement up the table.

Hsien Yue Fei moved up and shot the Trinitarian through smoke. At this point, it seemed prudent to pull back Adil and his team to a more defensive position.

[ I ended my first turn with two enemy models down, an Antenna flipped and a fairly solid defensive setup. All the knights on the backline and the presence of a Raveneye with a Cybermine meant I'd have to wait to spring my Garuda Spitfire, and with 6 orders in group one it seemed like the Su Jian would do better attacking into midfield than travelling to the enemy Deployment Zone. ]

The Knight of the Holy Sepulchre decided to get out of the way of the Order Sergeant by jumping off the roof with its holechoes. This gave the Dakini a free shot, which deleted a holoecho, unfortunately not the real KotHS.

Able to see the Dakini unblocked by bulky holograms, the Order Sergeant managed to land a Heavy Rocket on the Dakini, and burnt it unconscious.

The Knight of the Holy Sepulchre moved up and decided to bully a Kuang Shi. Unworried for it's own safety and looking for a chance to redeem itself for past crimes against Yu Jing it returned fire with a pistol and wounded the hulking knight.

[ The Knight of the Holy Sepulchre was out of orders in the second pool, so focus switched to the MO first order group.]

The noble Sir John Valdez, sporting a temporary upgrade from his normal Montessa armor as a Spitfire-armed Knight of Justice, ran forward in a duo with a Knight of Santiago. He immediately came face to face with a Su Jian, CameRaccoon's flash pulse and a Kuang Shi's pistol. Splitting burst against those three, he put a wound on the Su Jian, but [ Even with BTS 10! ] was stunned by CameRaccoon.

This left him, unable to see, staring at another Panzerfaust shot from the Su Jian. He heroically dodged behind a cargo crate as the Su Jian missed its shot. [ This *should* have been the end of Sir John, as missing a BS 17 shot on a knight in the open was a little embarassing. Yet he was marked by destiny for greater things. ]

Sir John and the Knight of the Santiago pushed towards the central Antenna. As Sir John was blind, the Knight of Santiago took point and shot at the Kuang Shi that had wounded the Knight of the Holy Sepulchre. Unafraid of the enemy bullets, the Kuang Shi returned fire, first with his pistol and then with his chain rifle, downing the Santiago and going dogged. As he fell to his knees and died, he was satisfied that all his debts to society had been repaid, and he was happy.

[ That went fairly well, rather than taking a punch from the Knights in the midfield they'd taken wounds and ground to a halt. The Knight of the Holy Sepulchre holo-ed up again before the start of my turn. ]

Time to spring the jaws of the trap. A Garuda dropped in behind the Miltary Order lines, shot their Mulebot and Raveneye, successfully evaded a Cybermine, then shot the Order Sergeant with the Heavy Rocket Launcher

Strategic analysis revealed a threat that the Military Orders might retreat before we could complete our objectives, so we moved early to secure them. The Garuda moved onto the enemy console, attempting to remove the fugazi but failing to hit it. As Ninjas don't exist, one definitely did not appear and activate the antenna our right flank. And yet somehow it was activated.

An alarm sounded on Hsien Yue Fei's heads up display alongside a flashing notification.



He silenced it, ordering the Su Jian to start an attack run. The Su Jian skirted around the central building and fired two heavy shotgun rounds into the Knight of the Sepulchre. Sir John, regaining his vision dodged into view of the Su Jian. Taking an opportunity to do as much damage as possible, the Su Jian fired shotgun blasts covering Sir John, the unconscious Knight of Santiago and the Knight of the Holy Sepulchre. The Santiago died, the Knight of Holy Sepulchre went unconscious, and... annoyingly, Sir John managed to dodge into combat with the Su Jian.

Hsien Yue Fei took up a position covering the Yu Jing console with suppressive fire. Two Kuang Shi, Adil, a Garuda and a Celestial Guard were covering the combat. Obviously, the Military Orders were not quite ready to retreat, but this should be under control.

[ YJ turn two passed to Military Orders. They only had 2 order sergeants, Sir John, and a fugazi left. How much damage could they do with 4 orders, eh? ]

An order sergeant was able to shoot the garuda off the Pan O console, getting an angle behind it and catching it out of cover.

Sir John started hacking at the Su Jian wildly [ Sir Wall made some noises about needing to score predator, at this point ], and the Garuda, Adil and Celestial Guard shot into the combat. The Garuda and Adil hit, but Sir John's BTS-reinforced Armor protected him. The Celestial Guard damaged the Su Jian [ putting it into NWI ].

As Sir John continued to attack the Su Jian, Adil managed to steal the kill from him with his breaker rifle. Other shots missed the Knight of Justice completely.

Sir John dashed forwards to fight the next closest Kuang Shi, 3 chain rifle shots that should have knocked him down appeared to transform into bubbles and shot skywards. A burst of suppressive fire from Yue Fei hit home and wounded him, but he decapitated the Kuang Shi and looked around for his next target.

A second Kuang Shi fell to the knight's sword, and a suppressive fire salvo from Hsien Yue Fei's multi-rifle appeared to transform into a barrage of flowers in mid-air, bouncing ineffectually off Sir John's gaudy surcoat.

With an exhausted lunge, Sir John made it to the Hsien's position, and struck him, wounding the disbelieving Yu Jing commander.

[ This was... surprising. O-12s prestige and a Lieutenant order had stretched the four regular orders a pretty long way! Sir John had passed 8-9 saves to get to this point, not to mention making his dodge against the Su Jian's shotgun shots. Still, at the start of my final turn I had some counter plays available. This should still be recoverable. ]

"Sir, I'll help!" shouted Adil Mehmut, running from midfield into the combat. Surely with both Imperial Agents they could take down one wounded knight?

Adil caught the knight unawares and landed what should have been a mortal blow with his monofilament weapon, but the blade seemed to shimmer into a rainbow and passed right through Sir John leaving him completely unharmed. He struck again, and this time the knight parried and cut him down.

[ Well that was just completely uncalled for... Sir John and Adil should be equal in cc. Still, two dice rolling low are still beaten by a critical hit! Ouch! Note that using Adil's PARA weapon wasn't viable since the KoJ had BTS 10!... ]

[ It didn't seem wise to hit the KoJ with my lieutenant in my turn, so I repositioned a Kuang Shi to touch my console, covering Sir John and set suppressive fire with my celestial guard, to discourage him from moving towards it. Final turn passed to Sir Wall.]

"I'll kill you, Durian Lord!" yelled Sir John, swinging his sword.

"Never," cried Yue Fei [ rolling a crit, however Sir John... now completely invulnerable and bloated with supernatural testosterone levels, rolled a crit of his own ].

"Die!" yelled Sir John, and skewered Yue Fei's brand new LHOST with his sword. As Yue Fei bled out on the floor, he watched the knight turn and shoot down the Kuang Shi on the console, as chain rifle rounds froze to lumps of ice and clattered off his armor harmlessly.

Sir John ran away from the console, and challenged the remaining Celestial Guard to a duel. As she'd set up expecting him to run towards the console, this caught her unawares and she quickly became another casualty to his sword.

Obviously swept up in some kind of holy mission, Sir John resolved to kill the Ninja, which was definitely not standing near the Pan Oceanian HVT. He came around the corner and shot her down effortlessly with his Spitfire.

All that was left was to secure the Yu Jing console, and this would be a flawless Pan Oceanian victory! Sir John had single-handedly murdered the entire Durian Investigation Unit! Just wait til they hear this back at the Yacht club, he thought!

Except his jog over to kill the Ninja had left him quite a long way from the Yu Jing console... and the quaking CameRaccoon, who was hoping that the murderous knight didn't spot him cowering behind a cargo container, or mistake him for a member of the DIU.

[ Final result, a very lucky 5-4 victory to Yu Jing. If Sir John had gone for the console instead of the Ninja, it would have gone the other way. Also, the sequence of dice for him to do what he did was absolutely mind-boggling. He must have passed 4-5 chain rifle saves, 2 breaker rifle saves, 1 combirifle save, 1 spitfire saves, 1 monofilament save, 3-4 AP multirifle saves... won combat against multiple opponents, won 3 rounds of combat vs the hsien and even passed 3-4 more flash pulse saves that got skipped in the report here. He did all this with one wound, so one more trip and he'd have been out! Every Kuang Shi that died in combat took 2 or more wounds, so didn't have a chance to explode on him! ]

[ Yu Jing had just one warcor left for 3 points, Pan O had 88 points remaining. This was a stupidly funny game, where somehow the dice just decided to completely desert me and allow one enemy model to murder what should have been an ironclad defensive position! ]

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