Backstabbing in Edda

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VS Tohaa

Tohaa infiltrators manipulating security companies attack the heart of Humanity!

We were alerted during a patrol in Beltway 594 that unidentified enemies were seizing territory protected by the coalition supporting O-12 in Edda. Acontecimento troops were deployed to protect the terrain and advance towards the territory dominated by the invader.

Amidst the confusion, we detected that Tohaa mercenaries were spying on our position and preparing to assassinate PanOceania officers and specialists.

We managed to secure territory and nullify the influence of the last Igao in our ranks through the expertise and determination of a Naga sent by Aleph to disrupt alien plans.

In the end it was an extremely bloody encounter, almost wiping out the groups on both sides, but as always PanOceania managed to prevail proudly as the shield of humanity.

The theater of operations on the edge of Beltway 594.
The Tohaa's first traitorous blow was struck by Jaan Staar, an imposter who tore through our chain of command and destroyed a REMote guarding our outpost.
A group of Regulars and Bagh-Mari attempted to identify other infiltrated enemy troops without success, which led to more deaths among our ranks.
Montesa Knight Leopoldo charged headlong into the firefight, speeding toward a bloody fate - be it for himself or for Tohaa.
A Naga agent detected yet another Kiuutan Imposter trying to assassinate Regulars, luckily he was shot down while he was caught crossing a street.
A Kiel-Saan advanced to try and eliminate our surviving troops. Meanwhile, we managed to eliminate enemy long-range weapons and a hidden Igao that threatened our left flank.
The Tohaa Hulk managed to knock Dart out of the battle and attacked snipers with his insidious symbio bombs.
In a desperate rush to take territory, the last Regulars rushed to new fortified positions, while the Knight of Montesa went around the block and strafed a Triad of defenseless Tohaa.

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