The Battle for Edda

VS Nomads


Responding to orders from PanOceania's high command and O-12's distress calls, we created a rapid intervention force to neutralize threats in Beltway 594 in conjunction with other Inner Sphere nations.

The neighborhood near the Beltway where the battle took place

Arriving at the site of operations, we discovered that much of the mess caused to civilians was the result of Nomad troops loose and free to loot and terrorize the population.

Part of the Nomads were psychotic Cheerkillers completely at ease subverting order. Accompanied by some bad elements like Zellekriegers, they advanced on the neighborhood and had no doubt in firing as soon as they saw PanOceania troops.
Fortunately we had a fireteam of Regular troops on site and also a smaller group led by Bagh-mari with HMG. As soon as the scum stuck their nose out, we opened fire to restore peace.
Yet another happy coincidence: a brave Montesa Knight was chilling nearby and interrupted his coxinha snack to frantically accelerate in a memorable charge.
The situation was more serious than we imagined: the Nomad action was not just a party of criminals, but rather an orchestrated operation with the support of an Interventor and a Szalamandra squad.
To help keep the capital intact and reduce collateral damage, we had Aleph´s support with 2 Nagas and Dart controlling the most sensitive areas.
A brave tech-bee managed to reveal that one of our troops was actually a disguised Nomad Interventor. Dart murdered him with an SMG burst, but the mechanic died right there.
The rebel TAG was annihilated by the accurate fire of our troops and was unable to advance. Amidst monstrous zellekriegers lying dead on the ground, the brave Montesa Knight advanced to decapitate the last one remaining as Nomad troops retreated without a lieutenant.
Due to the great momentum of the battle, the Knight was caught off guard by the last surviving Zellenkrieger and was punched until he fell off the bike. Sir Leopoldo is hospitalized, but is doing well

The joint actions of Aleph and Acontecimento troops deployed there were highly successful. What began as just an intervention to maintain order has turned into a special operation, revealing that the Nomads are once again plotting against the stability of the Human Sphere. These rogue nations do not respect already established civilized societies and are taking advantage of the planet's weakness during an attack by the Combined Army to plant a dirty foot in the heart of what O-12 built with so much effort from others.

Fortunately, our troops are competent and we use the minimum of resources to cause as much damage as possible to the bad guys. We have removed the unwanted Nomads from the area and can once again focus on fighting the biggest enemy, the Combined Army.

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